Friday, January 12, 2018


Arpaio Doubles Down In Senate Race: Obama's Birth Certificate Is A "Phony Document"
Freedom Force Email

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Today's Articles

VA Governor: "You’d Have To Pick Trump Up Off The Floor" If He "Got In My Space" 
Trump Denies Making Comment About "Sh*thole Countries" in DACA Meeting - But The Real Point Is About Illegal Aliens 
Hungarian Prime Minister Hits Nail On The Head: Refugees Are Actually "Muslim Invaders" 
Palestinian Authority Paid Nearly $350 Million In 2017 To Islamic Jihad Terror Families 
American Feminists Vs. Iranian Women 
What Is Liberty Without Virtue? It Is Madness, Without Restraint! 
CNN Praises Trump's Immigration Summit - Is Amnesty Just Around The Corner? 
NY Democrat Pamela Harris Advocated For Poor, But Indicted For Stealing Hurricane Funds & Trying To Cover It Up 
Cliven Bundy Renews Commitment Against Federal Overreach - Weighs Whether To Hold Govt Accountable Or Forgive 
Feinstein Claims "Mental Faculties" Were Impaired When She Released Fusion GPS 
New York Republicans Want To Put Brakes On SAFE Act's Tyrannical Gun Recertification 
Watch As Pathetic ANTIFA Members Can't Even Explain What Fascism Is 
Don't Laugh About Oprah Being President 
Iran's Jihad Preaching Ayatollah Says Trump's "Extreme & Psychotic​ Episodes" Are Going To Get A Response 
Fusion GPS Admits Anti-Trump Dossier Was Passed To John McCain To Give To Obama-Era Intel Agencies 

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