Sunday, December 24, 2017


Saturday Night Cinema: Miracle on 34th Street

1947 NY Times review, "the freshest little picture in a long time, and maybe even the best comedy of this year."

Iconic Oldham church to remove pews to accommodate Muslims

Merry Christmas, baby, welcome to the new Europe.

Robert Spencer: Linda Sarsour’s Sharia Response to Sexual Assault Claims

Leftist activist Linda Sarsour is openly pro-Sharia, and so it should come as no surprise that her response to recent charges that she downplayed and dismissed charges sexual assault at the Arab American Association while she was its executive director has been down the line with Sharia principles.

Denmark jihad: Muslim migrant ‘asylum seeker’ plotted knife rampage in Copenhagen, charged with terrorism

It's Christmas, once a signal of joy and peace, now a time for killing and terror. Islam in the West.

Muslim former D.C. area police officer found guilty of trying to back Islamic State

A former police officer for the D.C. Metro system was found guilty Monday of trying to help the Islamic State, making him the first law enforcement officer nationwide to be convicted in a terrorism case.

YES: Attorney General Sessions orders DOJ review after report Obama administration protected Hezballah

Finally! The restoration of rule of law after years of power accountability on the level of a third world tinpot dictatorship.

UK: Muslim “refugee” got $52,000 in benefits after secretly returning to Somalia because he “missed the sunshine”

A Somalian refugee who pocketed nearly £39,000 in benefits after secretly returning to his homeland because he missed the sunshine has been jailed for 15 months.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Muslim killed after targeting cops in shooting rampage

A gunman hell-bent on shooting cops was killed in a firefight with police in Harrisburg, Pa., Friday, authorities said.

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