Wednesday, December 6, 2017


 Today's Headlines

Prince Charles: “Let’s remember Muhammad on Christmas”

Christians are quite mindful of Muhammad and Islam during the Christmas season. Tis the season of jihad, rivaled only by Ramadan in the spike in Islamic terror attacks. Yes, Prince Charles, Christians remember Muhammad while their churches are burned, their children kidnapped and forcibly converted and their villages burned -- all in the cause of Allah.

Canada:Trudeau and his liberals vote in support of ISIS, Trudeau ripped for “little arrogant smile”

The Liberal government in Canada insist condemning ISIS is “Islamophobic.” In this they are correct. The Islamic State is pure Islam.

Islamic bomb plot to ASSASSINATE Prime Minister Theresa May foiled

But she banned me from the UK. But welcomed these savages with open arms and sharia compliance. Old fool.

African states say they will follow Trump in moving their embassies to Jerusalem

Africa is really blossoming. And Trump will do down in history as one of the great presidents who advanced freedom.

Huma Abedin LIED to the FBI and Got Away With It

America is having its Come to Jesus moment. The Democrats consider themselves above the law. This has been going on for well over a decade. America is either going to go quietly into the night or we are going to go to war.

Pierre Rehov’s Latest Masterpiece, ‘Unveiling Jerusalem’, Goes in Search of a Temple and the Truth

Following UNESCO’s controversial decision to rename the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, celebrated documentary maker Pierre Rehov has announced his latest and yet another remarkable piece of work, ‘Unveiling Jerusalem’.

Palestinian and Islamic forces: Three days of Muslim rage over Trump’s decision on #Jerusalem

This is the real Nazi movement that people should be worried about. Palestinian terror leader Abbas talks about "stability in the region." Contemptible. The "instability" in the region is due largely to "Palestinianism" (jihad).

WATCH: Migrants RIOT at Paris train station

France is at war. The French army is deployed on the streets of Paris. Nowhere is safe. But you won't read about this war in the sharia-compliant Western press

Pamela Geller in WND: Catholic Church snagged in Geller Ban

What most people don’t know is the sharia-based Geller Ban is not unique to Washington, D.C. In fact, the Geller Ban is in effect in every major city in the United States: New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, liberal San Francisco, Denver and more.

Military History Reviews FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA

One of Geller's purposes for writing this book is to explain why a non-political, successful New York businesswoman transformed herself into a Lion of Western Civilization - and why it's up to private citizens to fight this war.

India: police uncover Islamic plot to poison drinking water

Because, after all, it is the religion of peace. Add this to the list of Islamic contributions to mankind.

Swedish Government to Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin (Muslim Migrant) of Criminal Suspects

Why? Because it shows Islam in a critical light. Sharia-based press restrictions.

Democrats Try Amnesty — and Voters, By and Large, Say No: Rasmussen Poll

Voters by and large say a Democrat plot to sneak amnesty language into upcoming pieces of legislation is not supported by the electorate -- and that means bad news for tone deaf Dems,

Facebook launches new guide for Muslims to help them report “hate speech”

Keeping Muslims Safe Online: Tackling Hate and Bigotry includes information on how to tackle and respond to hateful content on the social network in a positive way, as well as details on how to report content inspired by terrorism.

‘We will destroy your country’: Chilling ISIS threat to UK in new poster being shared by jihadists

ISIS supporters and militants are sharing a new graphic which issues a chilling threat to the UK.
The poster has appeared on known ISIS channels and depicts an armed jihadist in front of Big Ben, SITE Intel reports.

International outcry over Muslim father’s claim that teacher called cops on boy who only said “Allah” and “boom”

He also said the substitute teacher told police the boy would reportedly say "Allah" and "boom."

NFL’s Hail Mary: Deal Would Dole Out Millions to Soros-Linked Social-Justice Groups

The NFL, facing sagging sales of tickets and lackluster ratings, has turned to an unsavory source for help -- George Soros.

A Jihad Grows in Florida

Get ready for the next terror hotspot to emerge -- and here's a clue: It's not overseas. It's in a high-tourist spot -- a real mecca for sun-bathers -- right here in the United States. Give up? Try Florida.

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