Tuesday, December 5, 2017


GOP Senator Donates to Liberal Democrat Doug Jones in Twitter Stunt

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Trump Calls B.S. on Mueller’s Finance Subpoena After Consulting Bank

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Russia TOTALLY BANNED From 2018 Olympics in South Korea!

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Mueller Probe’s Anti-Trump Bias Exposed AGAIN and AGAIN 
Wisconsin Moves Forward With Plan To Keep Food Stampers Off Of Drugs 
Imminent Embassy Move Has U.S. Officials Preparing For Violence 
Mueller Probe Goes Further Off Rails With Trump Bank Subpoenas 
Forgetting the Past 
Holly Jolly Hypocrites 
How the Diversity Visa Lottery Endangers America 
A Note from Debbie Wasserman Schultz 
Democrat Lawmaker Fired Staffer who Reported Sexual Abuse, and Congress Paid to Cover it Up 
Hollywood Director says American Christians are “Greedy,” and “Racist”

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The Truth about Social Security 
News You Can Use for December 5, 2017 
FBI Issuing Gun Seizure Orders At A Record Pace in 2017 
CNN’s Acosta Continues Self Serving Tirades, Calls for “Resistance” 
Supreme Court Makes Unexpected Move Regarding Sports Gambling 
UPS Drivers and Teamsters’ Union Up In Arms Over Holiday Schedule 
Can Trump Truly “Obstruct” Justice? POTUS’ Lawyer Makes Bold Claim 
Donald Trump is Crazy? 
The Poster Boy for Sanctuary Cities 
President Trump’s Tax Reform Push Earns High Praise! 
The “Regulation Freedom” Amendment and Daniel Webster 
Trump Admin tells the United Nations we’ll Do what We Want on Immigration 
The Flynn Nothingburger: Obama Cleared Trump Admin to Deal with Russia 
Education Scholarship Tax Credits are Good for our Kids and Good for Freedom 
Can our Theology Hurt our Political Activism? 

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