Thursday, December 28, 2017


Submitted by: P McMillan

From: John Porter
To: Americans everywhere
December 26, 2017

The article here by Kathleen Dynan is a fantastic analysis of what has been happening right before our very eyes. It's what we read about and see happening in other countries, thinking it will never take place here.                 Please, please read and forward to everyone friend or foe........John Porter

A Failed Coup

America has witnessed a failed coup, an attempt to subvert America’s existence as a democratic republic where the people elect their representatives.

 Americans elected Donald J. Trump as their President. 

The criminals involved in trying to usurp the power of the American people are unelected politicians, government employees and the minions they use. Several questions remain, but the who, what, where, why and how have been revealed in broad strokes.

WHO? The Clintons and the DNC are the unelected politicians. Federal Government co-conspirators are senior management and high-level employees of the Justice Department, including the FBI. The minions of these two groups are those in the liberal media and the Congress who fabricate lies and regurgitate the filth and drivel of their masters in this attempt to destroy America. Minor minions include self-anointed elites in the Federal government, entertainment, sports and business. They have shown their gullibility, ignorance of facts and the inability to research, to analyze and to reach independent conclusions.

WHAT? A plot to prevent Donald Trump’s election as President by the people and to remove him from office if he were elected. To be determined is the initial instigator. Did the politicians or Justice Department officials plan this? It is clear that they worked together to devise the strategy, to paint Donald Trump as a participant in illicit sex and in collusion with Bogeyman Russia, America’s dreaded “monster under the bed”. 

WHERE? The Clinton Foundation, beneficiary of $145,000,000 from selling valuable American uranium to the Russian government, is located at 1271 Avenue of the Americas, 42nd Floor, New York, NY. The Democratic National Committee Headquarters is 430 South Capitol St. SE, Washington, DC. The misnamed Justice Department is in the Robert F. Kennedy Justice                     Building in Washington, D.C. The Federal Bureau of Insurgence, is located in the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, D.C. The coup minions are found at The New York TimesWashington Post and the offices and broadcast locations for CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and their affiliates. Minor minions are: in government offices; in Hollywood and New York; on football fields owned by several, weak NFL teams led by a weaker NFL Commissioner; and in some American companies. 

WHY? These senior Federal Government employees, unelected politicians, and minions were desperate not to lose: their influence on how taxpayers’ money is spent; their own wealth and the opportunities to add to it; their control of many Americans. That control is: to share only what they want citizens to know; to shape what Americans think about what they are told; and how to act. The coup participants’ status as elites, those unencumbered by the laws, healthcare, etc. that most American citizens live with, was threatened.

HOW? Members of the coup leaked information to the minions. The minions repeated, exaggerated, made assumptions, lied and tried selling their filth to the American people. They initially succeeded with liberals. However, the hope that liberals will see facts and truth and learn to think for themselves is eternal. But, the upside was that it focused Moderates, Conservatives and Independents on their responsibilities to educate fellow citizens and to vote.

Now, it is time for justice. All involved in planning and implementing this attempt to deprive Americans of the President they elected must be identified. Evidence must be presented to Grand Juries for indictments. Trials must be held so that American citizens decide guilt or innocence of the accused. Appropriate punishments must be meted out to the guilty. 

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