Friday, October 27, 2017


"Obama is secretly organizing a coup to overthrow President Trump unless the Tea Party steps in and strikes first at the heart of the Obama Resistance."
INDICT OBAMA NOW! Obama must be busted for illegal wire taps, sedition and treason, once and for all. Obama and his minions have run rough-shad over the constitution far too long and now his chickens are coming home to roost but the Tea Party is leading the charge to stop his treasonable activities. Keep reading.

ObamaGate is being exposed as the worst election interference and constitution-destroying attack in the history of America. We are coming to the bottom of this now and its not going to be pretty.
Tea Party Demands:
  • Demand the indictment of Barrack Obama forcing him to answer to a Federal Judge and in front of the American people regarding his involvement in illegal wiretapping of President Trump.
  • Launch a full Congressional investigation of Democrat-ordered wiretapping of President Trump, Trump properties and members of Congress.
  • Subpoena all records of those suspected of seditious illegal wiretapping initiated by Obama.
Desperation is making Liberals even more dangerous and deadly. Like rats on a sinking ship they are grasping at straws to find some way to stop President Trump from erasing their secret shadow government, but we are on to them. This is why we need you to step up and add your name in support to indicting Obama now before he and his minions overthrow President Trump and all we hold dear.
Look, we've fought like hell for President Trump's November win. The whole point was getting him in the White House so he can reverse the damage done by Obama. Now Obama and his minion army must be stopped before it's too late!
We're on HIGH ALERT right now we are at the bottom of our war chest, almost out of funds! We need you to dig deep and help us cover our basic expenses of our campaign to INDICT OBAMA. We can't do it alone; this is why we need your help and now! This is it! We knew it wouldn't be easy, but who dreamed a past President would lead an all-out attack against the very government he served? As a matter of fact Obama and his minion army are attacking We the People and this is why he must be stopped, but only the Tea Party can do it!
"Believe me, not since the Civil War has there been such sedition and treason... and to think it is coming from none other than Obama! ObamaGate is an illegal WIRETAPPING fiasco that could bring America down!" - Steve Eichler, CEO Tea Party
Look at all the hard work the Tea Party and good-hearted patriots have done to get Trump into office, elect scores of conservative candidates and Governors only to have the Rat Obama steal it from us! HELL NO!!

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