Monday, October 23, 2017


Conflict of Interest: Did Robert Mueller Invest In Hedge Funds Tied to George Soros and Russia?
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Today's Articles

Why are New Hampshire Police Ignoring Islamic Jihad Preaching In Local Mosque? 
Saudi Arabia Is Finally Admitting in Actions that Muhammad's Teachings can Lead to Islamic Terror 
After Trump Praises UN for "Great Potential," UNWHO Names Genocidal Robert Mugabe As Goodwill Ambassador 
US Prepares For War: Steps Taken To Put Nuclear Bombers on 24-Hour Alert Status 
Jimmy Carter: ‘I Don’t Think There’s Any Evidence That Russians Changed Votes’ 
Trump’s Fed Picks? More of the Same! 
Listeria Fears Prompt MASSIVE Recall of Freshly Packaged Vegetables Includes Wal-Mart, HEB, Archer Farms, & Western Family 
Miami: Muslim Arrested On Charge Of Attempting Jihad Bombing Of Local Mall 
Mexico Puts Its Nose into Fight Against Texas’ Sanctuary City Ban 
White House Slams ‘Slanderous’ Senator For Calling Stephen Miller A White Supremacist 
October 24th Is The Birthday Of The United Nations - Support The Bill That Will Send The UN To The Grave 
Bipartisan ObamaCare Fix is Dead - but not for Long 
Resilient Federal Forests Act Provides Framework Needed to Reduce Risk of "Megafires" 
Mitch McConnell and Trump are Suddenly BFFs 
UK Police Team Up With Hamas-Tied Group To Produce Pro-Islam Propaganda Video 

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