Saturday, September 9, 2017


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UK: Muslim who murdered Lee Rigby demands $132,000 for “psychiatric injury”

LEE Rigby’s killer is claiming £100,000 of taxpayers money after he was left with a “psychiatric injury” in prison, but the soldier's grieving mother said he “deserves to die in jail”.

Czech President: “Islamic terror could have its European base in Bosnia”

"I recently warned of the phenomenon of foreign fighters, who after the fall of ISIS can move to Afghanistan, to create a new Islamic State, and also create a European base in Bosnia, because even now, black ISIS flags fly in some Bosnian towns."

UK Teachers: “Lot of Similarities Between Hitler and Trump,” Britons Must “Look After” Muslims First After Manchester Jihad Massacre

A new Channel 4 documentary shows British teachers telling pupils there are “a lot of similarities between Hitler and Trump”, and suggesting the most important people to look after following the Manchester Arena terror bombing are Muslim pupils.

Australia: Muslim community “reeling” after “pig head hate crime”

THE Muslim community at Jimboomba has been left reeling after a decapitated pig’s head was left at the front gate of the Stockleigh mosque on Monday, September 4.
Jimboomba police were quick to respond.

Cato Institute Project Concludes Islam Consistent With ‘Many Libertarian Principles’ and Freedoms

A new project from the libertarian-leaning Cato Institute finds that Islam is consistent with many freedoms -- including private property ownership, tolerance and individualism. Let the backlash begin -- and it quickly did.

Myanmar laying landmines near Bangladesh border

Myanmar has been laying landmines across a section of its border with Bangladesh.

Foiled Virginia Attack Brings Total of U.S. Terror Plots to 97 Since 9/11

'Lest we forget: The number of terror plots that have been foiled in America since 9/11 have been growing steadily. But this isn't news the mainstream media will provide.

EU Court Rules That Eastern Europe Must Accept Refugees

The European Union's highest court has just ruled that all member states have to take in refugees who reach Europe's border -- even Hungary and Slovakia, two countries that have rebelled against the mass migration.

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