Tuesday, August 8, 2017


City Council Updates

It has been almost three weeks since I was sworn in as your Councilwoman.  In those three weeks, I have sat through two City Council Meetings.  At our last meeting, we voted on a measure that has been tearing the City apart for over two years.  The Badlands Golf Course at Queensridge has been a contentious item for the City, but it is no longer on our agenda.  I ended up voting to give our City Council, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, our City Attorney’s and our planning staff one last chance to negotiate a plan that would be acceptable to most of the residents of Queensridge.

Ward 6 has our version of the Badlands controversy.  Silverstone Ranch also has a golf course that has closed, and the owners of the golf course are trying to convert it, or a portion of it, for development.  There is a primary difference between Silverstone and Badlands.  At Silverstone, the owners of the golf course have no “right” to develop that property.  The golf course is required to stay as it is unless 75% of the 1,500+ owners in Silverstone agree to the development.  I stand firmly with those homeowners.

Additionally, the golf course at Silverstone has a drainage easement that is not easily negotiated away.  The City has rights, as do the homeowners, and it will not be easy to overcome for a developer.  Because of the conditions on the owners of the golf course, I will be setting up a meeting with the homeowners in Silverstone, and hopefully the owners of the golf course, shortly.  We need to let all parties know where the City of Las Vegas and myself as your Councilwoman stand.
On another note, my staff & I are working hard to get our new offices cleaned up and ready to serve you.
Click here, https://tinyurl.com/y6um8hwc to meet your new members of our City Council office, Chance Bonaventura, and Dan Burdish and to hear about my trip to D.C. to talk with a few of our Congressional members about a federal lands bill for our city.

You can also view our last City Council meeting here: https://livestream.com/cityoflasvegas/events/7632289/videos/160712860
Mark your calendars for the first and third Wednesday of every month starting at 9:00 am, this is when our City Council meeting takes place at City Hall, and I implore you to come and get involved.
City Hall
495 S Main Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Our team will begin Monday's with Michele at the YMCA from noon-6:00 pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month starting in September.
Our next movie in the park will be Friday, September 8th,
Featuring the new Beauty and The Beast
at 7:30pm
in the Centennial Hills Park
On a personal note, I'm taking a couple of days for a little private R&R this week, and I started it off yesterday morning with a kiss from Mosa.
If you need anything, please call your new office at 702-229-5463.
All my love,

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