Tuesday, August 1, 2017


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How the Muslim Migrant Crisis is Pushing Italy Away from Europe

A recent poll indicates that the majority of Italians are in favor of a total ban on new arrivals. Yes, because they aren't suicidal.

Saudi Arabia: Demand to ‘Internationalize’ Holy Sites A ‘Declaration of War’

Why do the Jews have to submit to Muslim supremacist demands in their holiest sites? Why is Judaism's holiest site, the Temple Mount, off limits to Jews, as demanded by Muslims? And yet the world stands silent as non-Muslims are prohibited from entering Mecca. Why does the world submit to this savage ideology? Because they fear death.

Sharia Police: Jihadis form biker gang modeled after Hells Angels in Germany

What could possibly go wrong?
Fundamentalist Islamic leaders have formed a biker gang in Germany modeled after the Hells Angels to protect Muslims from a perceived growth of hatred toward Islam.
Perceived growth 0f hatred towards Islam translation: opposition to jihad terror and the brutal sharia. In other words, this is a new front, a new army formation to wage jihad on the kuffar.

SHOCK: German authorities admit supermarket murderer was a jihadi

But the admission is still veiled by the nonsense phrase "radical islamist." It's not "radical," it's Islam. And "islamist" is a Western construct. What does it mean to say that someone or something is “Islamist” as opposed to “Islamic”? Nothing, really, except that the person speaking doesn’t want to offend Islam by speaking unwelcome truths about the political nature of the religion.

Gruesome Albanian Mafia Replaces Italian Mafia — Thanks to Islam

The decline of La Cosa Nostra, on display ever since the spectacular Gotti trials in New York and Judge Falcone's mass mob trials in the bunker court in Sicily, was concomitant with the rise in Albanian Mafia activity in the 1990's in Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Italy.

Washington Post whitewashes California Imam’s “Annihilate the Jews” sermon

The Washington Post's tagline, under new owner Amazon's Jeff Bezos, is "Democracy Dies in Darkness."
Oh, the irony. There is only darkness is when there is no diversity of thought. There is only darkness is when genocide is sanctioned. There is only darkness is when one opinion is allowed. There is only darkness is when there is no debate. There is only darkness is when truth is censored, forbidden.

“The problem is colossal”: Influx of Muslim migrant unaccompanied “minors”

The president of the Department of the North is no longer able to cope with the influx of unaccompanied foreign minors. "The problem is colossal," he says. We observe this phenomenon in the North and in other departments. "

Norming Genocide: Calif Bakery Paints GIANT Terror Mural Honoring Jihad Murderer

Why not a swastika mural? Or a mural of Himmler or Osama Bin Laden? It's the same thing. This is the norming of dehumanization and genocide.
It's incitement to murder. How is that legal?

Terrorist Hizb ut-Tahrir gives headline speech at UK university but Pamela Geller banned

Pamela Geller banned and this designated Islamic terrorist group given free rein. What a disgrace. The UK is doomed.
This is what surrender to Islam looks like.

Yemen Muslim Convicted of Raping, Killing 3-Year-Old Girl Gunned Down in Streets

A Muslim man convicted of raping and murdering a three-year-old girl was gunned down in the streets by angry executioners.

French trio Wanderer cancels Lebanon concert on threat from antisemitic terror group

Surrendering to Hezb'Allah? Terrorism wins. Again. Why aren't rational political and cultural elites, in short supply no doubt, demanding that the Muslim world purge itself of the Islamic Jew hatred endemic to its teachings and culture?
This is the age of the coward.

UK: Muslim rape gang gets legal aid to fight deportation after $1,300,000 taxpayer money to fight criminal charges

Members of a Muslim grooming gang are being given legal aid to fight deportation – after it emerged they have already received more than a £1million to unsuccessfully defend criminal charges.

UK: Muslim prisoner ‘slashed throats of guard and inmate after shouting “this is for Allah” then attacked second officer days later

“He was voicing extreme views. He said ‘only white people should die’ and ‘This is for Allah’ as he did it."

Media in All-Out Effort to Portray Muslim Killer Cop Mohamed Noor as the Victim

This is obscene, and is an outrage to her memory. Justine Damond deserves justice.

Boko Haram Jihadists Ambush Oil Exploration Team, Murder Dozens

Muslim terrorists in Nigeria have ambushed an oil exploration team and killed dozens.

Justine Damond’s Killer May Never Face Charges Due to Legal Loophole

The Muslim police officer who shot and killed the innocent Justine Damond may never face legal charges due to a loophole in the law.

Turkish Women March in Rights Protest in Istanbul

Hundreds of women in Turkey took to the streets of Istanbul in a "Don't Mess With My Outfit" march to send a message to men that went like this: Your conservative clothing demands on women are wearying.

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