Thursday, August 31, 2017


FAKE NEWS: CNN Caught Faking Harvey Rescue Video in Pathetic Stunt

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Home Depot Cofounder Will Match Harvey Donations Up To $1 Million

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VIDEO: Drama on Trump Motorcade Route as Car Careens Towards POTUS

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Rohrabacher’s Meeting with Assange Nixes Russian Conspiracy Completely 
Harvey Bringing Gas Shortages to DFW and Beyond in Coming Days 
U.S. Bombers Conduct Live Fire Drill at North Korean Border 
“Kill All White People” Says Captured Kansas City Serial Killer Suspect 
New Threats Emerge in Harvey’s Wake as Chemical Plant Explodes in Texas 
Leftwing Professor says Hurricane Harvey is “Payback” because Texas Voted for Trump 
News You Can Use for August 31, 2017 
Hollywood to Houston: Hang Tight, We’re Coming to Help 
Kelli Ward Gets Trump Bump With Year to Go in AZ Senate Race 
Politico Tweets Classless Cartoon Portraying Texans as Religious Hillbillies 

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North Korea Back on Rhetoric Offensive with New Missile Threats 
Chris Columbus Statue Gets ISIS Treatment in New York City 
Sacrificing the Children 
Always Outraged Left Angry at Arpaio Pardon 
Bombshell! Obama FCC gave Special Treatment to Liberal Groups! 
The Media is Burying the Truth 
Leftist News Outlet Smears the Star Spangled Banner as Racist 
Is Congress Preparing to Declare War on WikiLeaks? 
An Atheist Organization is Attacking Senator Marco Rubio for Quoting Scripture 
News You Can Use for August 30, 2017 
Harvey Can’t Stop Radical Left as Assassination Threat Discovered 
Pro Wrestler Turned Actor Drops Pretty Penny for Harvey Relief 
Liberal Lunacy: California Adding Third Gender to Identification Cards? 
New Threat Emerges in The Wake Of Hurricane Harvey: ALLIGATORS 
North Korea’s Tuesday Missile Launch Invokes Tough Talk from Trump 

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