Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Another City Erases History, Atlanta could be Next

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Iceland Uses Eugenics to “Eliminate” Down Syndrome, Media Cheers

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CNN’s Jake Tapper Admits that the Media was “More Supportive” of Obama

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The Alt-Right is Mostly Leftist 
Hillary Clinton’s Pastor Caught Plagiarizing for Her “Devotions” Books 
Trump Denounces Racism, Media Ignore 
Erasing History 
Obama Knew of Russia Meddling in 2014 but Did Nothing 
In a Christian Theocracy, How Big would the Government’s Budget Be? 
John McCain’s Deleterious Impact on America 
News You Can Use for August 16, 2017 
Lincoln Memorial Tagged with Anti-Police Graffiti Amid Leftist Uprisings Nationwide 
Trump Takes Presser Off The Rails to Attack Fake News Media 

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Walmart Stands with Radical Left Regarding Trump C-Ville Response 
Radical Leftists Raise “Antifa” Flag as They Ironically Promote Fascism 
Georgia Theme Park Under Fire For Monumental Confederate Carving 
GOP Working with Democrats to Bail Out Obmacare 
Not Just the Alt-Right: Leftist Violence was on Display in Charlottesville 
Fanning the Flames 
Team Trump Releases New Ad: Let the President Do His Job! 
When Faced with Tyranny and Censorship – Refuse to Comply 
What’s a Bigger Risk than North Korea? Robots, of Course 
The Other Extremist Hate Group in Charlottesville 
Trump’s “Strange” Endorsement in Alabama 
News You Can Use for August 15, 2017 
Kim Jong Un’s Scarcity Seen as Sign of Imminent Nuke Attack 
Dimwitted Protesters in Atlanta Mistakenly Deface “Peace” Monument 
Left Now Attacking Melania and Ivanka for Wearing of High Heels 

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