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Saturday Night Cinema: The Heroes of Telemark

Tonight's Saturday Night Cinema classic is a British 1965 Eastman Color war film directed by Anthony Mann, Heroes of Telemark, staring the great Kirk Douglas, this time as a 20th Century Viking in a portrayal of the true story of the desperate efforts to prevent the Nazis from developing an Atomic bomb

Google’s “Hate Speech Algorithm” is Antisemitic, Pro-Islamic

For the past few weeks, I have been writing about the Google scrub. Geller Report (and previously Atlas Shrugs) has all but disappeared from Google search, 40,000 posts and articles, 14 years of work. Once a source of thousands of referrals a day, Google referrals has now been whittled down to nothing. This is how such things are happening.

American Muslim leaders not condemning genocidal US imams

If American imams condemned the genocidal Jew-hatred exhorted by the California imams this past week, they would be forced to condemn Islam and its teachings.

The Hidden Islamic War Series: The Leftist Allure of Islamic Conversion

If some people are any guide, what a waste an American education can be, or often is!

Left/Jihad Axis: Islamic Republic of Iran’s vile Jew-hating hit piece on Pamela Geller mimics SPLC

What is interesting about this state-run media report from the world’s largest state sponsor of terror is that it reads -- almost verbatim -- like a report from the SPLC or Media Matters or the Center for American Progress, mimicking Nazi propaganda demonizing the Jews.

US Navy ship fires flares at an Iranian patrol boat in the Persian Gulf as Tehran condemns sanctions on its missile program passed by Congress

These recent hostile, belligerent actions by the Islamic Republic of Iran are direct threats to the Iranian sanctions passed the the US Congress. Any attempt to alter or amend the disastrous nuclear capitulation deal made by President Obama will be met with aggression and low-grade war.

MASSIVE Anti-Israel Protest in CANADA Calls for New Genocide of the Jews

"From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."
That means Israel will be completely destroyed, and millions of Jews will be killed. And that is what these savages want.

France launches new, top-secret “deradicalization” project

"But putting these people in jail means radicalizing them even more."

BOMB SEIZED: ‘Islamic cell’s terrifying plot to BOMB a domestic flight’

Muslim immigration into the West must stop and the exhortations to murder, maim and conquer in Islamic texts and teachings must be criminalized.

Hamburg jihad machete-murderer was known to security forces, recorded “not as a jihadist but as an Islamist”

The machete-wielding jihadi who went on a stabbing spree in Hamburg yesterday was known to security forces. But he was not detained, just left by Merkel to go about his loathsome trade in death. Here again, another murderous jihadi known to authorities, like so very many, and nothing is done.
"As far as we know ... there were no grounds to assess him as an immediate danger. He was a suspected Islamist and was recorded as such in the appropriate systems, not as a jihadist but as an Islamist."
WTH is the difference?

UK: Two Muslim teenage brothers killed waging jihad in Syria were “radicalised” UNDER THE NOSES of police and social services

In 2013, concern was raised by a school that some young people were converting to Islam and some had been paid by a relative of the brothers to attend a gym behind a place of worship.

ANOTHER California Imam, Mahmoud Harmoush, Prays for Allah to Destroy the Jews

In a July 21 Friday sermon delivered at the Islamic Center of Riverside, California, Sheikh Mahmoud Harmoush prayed to Allah to "destroy the unjust tyrants and the occupiers" and to "turn them into booty in the hands of the Muslims."

The only deradicalization center in France will be closed #epicfail

There it is - reality smashes the fantastical delusion of jihad denial.
Did the French learn anything? No.

Machete-Wielding Muslim Terrorist in Hamburg Confronted by Heroic Passerby: Video

Watch the astonishing moment a passerby -- unarmed -- stopped in the streets of Hamburg to confront a machete-wielding Muslim jihadist. If only politicians would fight jihadists as hard as this individual.

Muslim Accused of Murdering Wife Had Criminal Past That Should’ve Kept Him in Jail

The Ottawa Muslim who faces murder charges for killing his wife and leaving her two-year-old child to fend for himself for 10 days had actually been released by a judge in October who could've jailed him as a dangerous offender -- and therefore, saved this woman from being killed.

U.S. Attorney Overseeing Imran Awan’s Investigation Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Brother

Talk about a conflict of interest. The U.S. attorney general who's overseeing the investigation into Muslim IT spy Imran Awan is none other than the brother of the congressional member who hired him in the first place -- Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

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