Thursday, July 20, 2017


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Mayor Betsy Hodges who celebrated Muslim cop who KILLED unarmed woman says: “We can’t compel officer to make a statement”

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said they are unable to compel the officer to make a statement. Are unable to compel the officer to make a statement? Why?

Turkey Releases Secret Details Of US Troop Locations

This was Obama's favorite, "most trusted ally."

Investigators: Muslim cop who shot unarmed, pajama-clad woman dead REFUSES to be interviewed by investigators

The Minneapolis Muslim police officer who fatally shot a woman who called 911 for help has refused to be interviewed by authorities investigating the shooting, Why should he? He answers to a high authority and he knows the media and left will have his back. Islam trumps all. Black Lives Matter, LGBT, feminism -- nothing beats Islam. Nothing.

President Trump Reverse Obama’s Anti-Christian Refugee Policy

If freedom lovers write the history books, President Trump may very well go down as one of the great Presidents in U.S. history.

Betrayal — as Republicans Join With Dems to Plot New Path to ‘Dreamer’ Amnesty

Republicans -- yes, Republicans -- are joining with Democrats to bring back the Dreamers of the illegal world, and let even more in the United States.

Muslim migrant slits man’s throat in Austria

"Southern appearance"... südländisch aussehenden Mann... code for migrants

Sharia-observant Muslima in Minnesota House of Representatives hailed as “America’s hope”

Ilhan Omar is a newly elected democratic legislator for the Minnesota House of Representatives who won her seat as a Democratic Farmer-Labor Party candidate in the November 2016 elections. To the right, she is best known for recently voting to allow surviving family members receive insurance payouts from suicide bombers and other individuals who are killed during the commission of a terroristic activity. To the left, she is an overnight cultural icon who “is America’s hope and the President’s nightmare,” according to her visit with Noah.

Germany: “HUGE increase” in female genital mutilation (FGM)

The customs of the savage sweep across Europe. Any society that tolerates the deliberate mutilation of women and girls can no longer call itself part of the civilized world.

British mother who reported rape in Turkey was BREATHALYSED by police

"They treated us like dirt – as if we were the ones who had ­committed a crime."

The Phenomenon of Honor Killings Rooted In Culture of Islam

For the past five years, there has been at least one reported case of so-called "honor killing" each year in a different U.S. city, which means that there are many more.

Minneapolis PD “spending more time blocking FB posts on the murder of Ms. Damond than investigating Mohamed Noor”

Why is the Minneapolis police department worrying about Facebook posts instead of investigating the murder?

Muslims in Britain Fund Terror, Says UK Government Report

The British Home Office have just clarified something which many British people have known for well over a decade: that Islamists and terrorists are being funded by ordinary British Muslims to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Republicans Fight to Stop Democrats From Giving Government Jobs to Illegals

Democrats, unbelievably enough, have inserted a provision into a House spending bill that would give government jobs to illegals -- and thank goodness Republicans are on the ball and trying to stop it.

ISIS Lashes Teenage Boys for Crime of Playing Soccer

Don't let ISIS catch you playing soccer -- that's a crime that brings on anywhere fro 20 to 50 public lashes with the whip.

Pork Sales in Germany Plummet After Surge of Muslim Migrancy

Talk about a cultural shift -- Germany, land of the sausage, has seen a dramatic fall in pork sales at the same time its nation's borders have been opened wide to Muslim migrants and refugees.

Christian Refugees Flee Islamic Persecution in Greek Camps

It's Christians, not Muslims, who are being persecuted in at least one refugee camp for asylum-seekers in Greece.

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