Sunday, July 16, 2017


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Saturday Night Cinema: An American in Paris

Watch it - it is a France that is no more.

Muslim Bathroom Rapist Sentenced ….. To Psychiatric Hospital

The rapist's religion sanctions raping infidel women. So what's his mental illness? Islam? Where are they going to send him? To the mosque?

Trump Remaking State Dept to Reflect “America First,” “DoS Officials Nervous”

The State Department is has long been compromised -- State Department careerists work for the countries they are assigned to, not to America, and that's the problem. The State Department is the problem. We need patriots and freedom lovers in state craft, not Muslim Brotherhood lackeys.

Gay Couple Brutally Beaten in German Asylum Home

Clearly the authorities know Muslims hate and kill gays because gay migrants are told by social workers to hide their sexual identities when being placed in asylum centers. So why bring these intolerant savages to Germany?

Non-Muslims Forced to CLEAN THE SEWERS in Pakistan

Under the sharia, the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, requirements for sewer work in Pakistan specifies that applicants must be non-Muslim This is not new. Islamic history is rife with religious minorities under Islam forced to clean up Muslim excrement.

UK Gay Muslims wedding: Muslims threaten to throw acid in groom’s face

A man thought to be one of the first UK Muslims to have a same-sex marriage said people have threatened to throw acid in his face since the ceremony.

France: Policeman lynched, beaten with iron bars by thirty Muslim migrants, opens fire to defend himself in Sevran

Will this set off a new Muslim uprising in France, as we saw in the mass car burning, violence and utter lawlessness of a few years back? We shall see. But this time it will be far worse: their numbers are vastly greater.
It will be an incident like this that will spark the outbreak of war in Europe.

The Hidden Islamic War Series: How and Why Muslims Gain Converts In Russia

The objective of Muslim religious fanatics and their recruiting arms is to win the Russian girls over for Islam to be used later either as sex slaves or "live bombs."

Germany Expecting Hundreds of Thousands of Muslim Migrants Through Family Reunification Rules

The elites won't tell you this, but I will: Europe will collapse.
The only thing more destructive and catastrophic than the hijrah, the Muslim invasion of Western Europe, is the deliberate denial of reality and the refusal to change course.

Trump Appeals Latest Travel-Ban Ruling

KRYTOCRACY: A Government of Judges, Rule by the Arbitrary feelings of Unelected Judges

Muslim US soldier arrested for ISIS ties declared allegiance to the Islamic State SIX YEARS ago but was allowed to continue to serve

A US soldier who was arrested for ties to ISIS pledged allegiance to the terror group as early as 2011, authorities have said.
Ikaika Erik Kang, who reportedly won the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, is accused of giving US military documents and training to the terrorist group.

House REJECTS proposal to study “Islamic religious doctrines” that could be used by terror groups

More than 20 centrist Republicans joined with Democrats to defeat the amendment, 208 to 217. Drafted by conservative Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), the proposal called for the Pentagon to identify Islamic leaders who preach peaceful beliefs versus those who espouse extremist views.

Donald Trump Affirms America’s ‘Solidarity With France Against Terror’

President Donald Trump told France, and a watching, listening world, that America stood fast with the country on the issue of fighting Islamic terror.

CNN Anchor Mistakes Star Spangled Banner for French National Anthem

While President Donald Trump and first lady Melania are reaching out diplomatic hands to France, CNN is busy bungling the most basic of trivia, confusing America's national anthem for France's. On international television.

Montreal Police Investigating ‘DEATH TO ISRAEL’ Rapper After B’nai Brith Complaint

Azaziah's self-proclaimed goal with his music is to "liberate the current discourse in Western circles that centres around appeasing Zionist Jews, who constitute the greatest threat to the survival of human beings on Earth."

University of Maryland Newspaper: Censor Speech That Makes Students ‘Feel Unsafe’

In this day and age of leftist thinking, you knew this was coming -- the University of Maryland's student-run newspaper is actually advocating for the censorship of speech that brings on uncomfortable feelings in its listeners.

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