Tuesday, July 4, 2017


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Australian pediatrician “Dr. Jihad” joined ISIS, now urges Muslims in the West to join Islamic State in new video

What do Western elites in denial imagine Dr. Jihad is appealing to in his coreligionists?

NY: “Islamberg” Jihadi Arrested in NY With Firearms Stockpile

For years I have warned my readers of these Muslim terror compounds.
The jihad terror trainings compounds in the US, a news story I first broke back in 2007, are growing.

American Muslim Activist Incites to Armed Struggle, Self-Determination at @JohnJayCollege Left Forum Plenary Session

The following remarks were made at the opening plenary session of the annual Left Forum convention, held at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice ... look at the poison they are infecting our children with.But my colleagues and I are blacklisted for speaking in defense of freedom on college campuses. Joining this seditionist was Muslim terror supporter Linda Sarsour, Oscar Lopez Rivera, a leader of the Puerto Rican FALN paramilitary organization et al.

Gays under Sharia: Male Model TORTURED AND STABBED TO DEATH in Iraq

All that blood and treasure for a place where a man is killed for the way he looks.

Fecal jihad: Muslim migrant who sprayed food with his FECES/urine at food stores STILL NOT DEPORTED

This jihadi is said to have ruined 706 books, many of them in the children’s section, with his own feces in addition to foodstuffs. He has repeatedly committed fecal jihad at his pleasure.
He is welcome in the UK, but I am still banned.

‘Moderate’ Imam on Australian Defence Force Turns Out to be ‘Extremist’

What a shocker -- a Muslim imam who professed moderate Islamic beliefs has actually turned out to be quite the extremist.

Democrats, GOP Vote to Block Trump From Warring on Al-Qaeda Absent Congressional OK

Both Republicans and Democrats voted to rescind the president's right to war against al-Qaeda and its terror affiliates absent congressional permission.

Is The Story of Islam In America As Old As America Itself?

It has been important to Muslims to enroll themselves as early as possible in the American narrative, “as part of America’s story,” and to backdate, too, what appears to be the sympathetic recognition of their existence in American life.

Italy BEGS FOR HELP After 12,000 Muslim Migrants Arrive in Four Days, 76,000 This Year So Far

Italy has threatened to close all of its ports to ships of foreign NGOs carrying migrants and refugees, after being overwhelmed by the arrival of 12,000 migrants in four days on 22 ships. The UN Migration Agency said 8,863 migrants were rescued trying to reach Italy from Libya, and the EU’s border agency Frontex said its boats had recovered an additional 2,700 people.

Child Rapist Fools Immigration Officials To Win U.S. Citizenship

Talk about a travesty -- but a child rapist was able to fool immigration officials and win a U.S. citizenship card.

German court CAPITULATES, rules that SHARIA POLICE may patrol streets

A court in Germany has authorized a group of self-appointed Sharia police to continue enforcing Islamic law in the city of Wuppertal. The law they were cleared of vioilating outlaws uniforms that are threatening, such as those of Hitler's brownshirts.

Iraq declares end of ISIS caliphate after capture of Mosul mosque

After eight months of grinding urban warfare, Iraqi government troops on Thursdaycaptured the ruined mosque at the heart of Islamic State's de facto capital Mosul, and the prime minister declared the group's self-styled caliphate at an end.

ISIS Gloats at Filipino Boxer’s Defeat, Saying God’s Demoralized the Army

The ISIS propaganda machine was out in full force, calling the recent loss of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquaio's fight an act of God -- against the Philippine army.

Berkeley Muslims Insist Teen Killing an Act of Islamophobia, Despite Police Finding to Contrary

Berkeley Muslims don't care what police say. They insist a teen's killing was due to Islamophobia, despite law enforcement finding to the contrary.

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