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IT IS ILLEGAL FOR YOU NOT TO TELL THE WORLD WHERE YOU LIVE, BUT IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO BE ILLEGAL!  (put where you live on your driver license; stay in USA as illegal alien!) 

After many years of Richard Lamb, Tom Tancredo, and Frosty Wooldridge,  all warning & educating Coloradoans about the alien invasion, Denver is still as hopeless as it has been for decades, because when you are SOS SFB there is no hope!   

Denver, the new Portland?  Both states have gone to pot (literally!) 

Denver Officials Bend Over Backwards to Help Illegal Aliens Avoid ICE
By: Shari Rendall
Denver district attorney’s and sheriff’s offices released criminal alien Daniel Lopez-Vera on $1,000 bond despite an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer and his previous involvement in a fatal fight in jail. (Daily Caller, July 21, 2017) Lopez-Vera was arrested on July 8 for his failure to appear to face charges in three other cases. (9News, July 18, 2017) Other previous charges leveled against 19 year-old Lopez-Vera include drunk driving, obstructing an officer, driving without a license, and auto theft. (Id.)
The decision by Denver officials not to honor ICE’s detainer request in the Lopez-Vera case is not an isolated one. The sheriff’s office also released Ever Valles even though ICE issued a detainer and considered him an immigration enforcement priority. (The Denver Post, July 19, 2017) Valles, a known gang member, was charged with possession of a weapon and theft of a vehicle among other charges. (The Denver Post, Feb. 17, 2017) In December, he was released from jail after posting a $5,000 bond. (Id.) At the time of Valles’ release, the sheriff’s department stated, they were part of “the criminal justice system and do not hold people on civil matters.” Valles was arrested again in February and is being charged with aggravated robbery and first-degree murder. (Id.)
Denver has a history shielding criminal aliens from ICE. It does not enforce immigration laws or honor ICE detainer requests to hold aliens in jail past their release dates. (The Denver Post, Jan. 30, 2017) In fact, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and the City Council are actively helping aliens avoid ICE. (NPR, July 13, 2017) They have reduced jail sentences so that aliens convicted of crimes are not flagged for deportation. (Id.) Also, in order to minimize aliens’ time in the courthouse where ICE can take them into custody, officials allow aliens to plead online to traffic offenses and to wait in a private shelter until it is time for their court appearance. (Id.)
It is unsurprising, therefore, that the Denver City Council will take the first steps on August 2 to prohibit city officials from voluntarily cooperating with federal immigration authorities when they begin to consider the Public Safety Enforcement Priorities Act. The Public Safety Enforcement Priorities Act codifies policies and practices already in effect. (The Denver Post, July 19, 2017) It will: 1) prohibit the sheriff’s department from notifying ICE when an alien wanted on a detainer is about to be released from jail; 2) prohibit the sheriff’s department from honoring detainer requests; 3) prohibit employees, including police officers, from asking about immigration status; and 4) ban the use of city money or resources to assist in immigration enforcement

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