Friday, July 28, 2017


John McCain KILLS Obamacare Repeal

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Democrat-Backed Creators of the “Trump Dossier” were Paid Russian Agents

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FBI Lawyer and Comey Confidante Under Investigation for Leaking Classified Intel to Media!

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New Undercover Planned Parenthood Video Shows Executive Explaining How Easy it is to Ignore the Law when Doing Abortions 
The Left Learns that the Boys Scouts Must be Evil 
The Senate’s “Skinny” Repeal of Obamacare Leaved Medicaid Untouched 
Intelligence Panel Head says Obama Team made “Hundreds of Unmasking Requests” 
Court Strikes Down Unconstitutional D.C. Gun Law, says Carrying in Public a “Core” 2nd Amendment Right 
The House Judiciary Committee Calls for a 2nd Special Counsel 
Trump should Veto Congress’ Attempt to Sanction Russia 
3 GOP Senators have Lost their Marbles on Transgenderism 
News You Can Use for July 28, 2017 
Comedian Adam Carolla and Pundit Ben Shapiro Testify on the Danger College Campuses Pose to the First Amendment 

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Is Bible Prophesy Being Fulfilled in Our Time? 
Obamacare Continues to Collapse – Co-Op Trade Association Now Dead 
Border Patrol President says Ted Cruz is “Our Advocate” in Congress 
Left-Wing Snopes Mired in Embarrassing Series of Scandals 
5 Proven Tips for Selling Anything Online 
The “Not-so-Silent” Coup 
According to CBO 15 MILLION Americans Would Dump Obamacare if Allowed To 
HBO Defends Free Speech in Fight Over Upcoming Civil War Drama 
Twitter Suspends Author of “No Go Zones” Book, Revealing Globalist Slant 
Voter Data for 40 Million Americans For Sale Via Dark Web 
Press Chief Scaramucci Invokes Priebus on Financial Leak in Now-Deleted Tweet 
LGBT Activists Flip Out when a Christian Ministry Uses the Rainbow 
News You Can Use for July 27, 2017 
Fact-Checker Snopes On Verge of Financial Meltdown Amid Divorce Scandal 
GOP Turncoats Vote “No” To Obamacare Repeal, After They Voted “Yes” Under Obama 

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