Friday, July 21, 2017


ICE Chief Promises to Flood Sanctuary Cities with Agents, Cracking Down on Illegal Immigrant Crime

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Western Civilization Must Be Defended against Political Islam, & President Trump Is Its Judeo-Christian Champion

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Liberal Legal Scholars Warn Dems to Stop Overreacting on the Trump-Russia Story, It’s “Dangerous”

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Same Stuff, Different Day – It’s Not Getting Better 
Over $1.4 Million in Student Loan Debt… For What? 
Survey Shows Most Americans are Afraid of Another War 
Spending Increases Threaten to Bog Down Economic Growth 
Community Colleges Call for End to Algebra Requirement, Say it’s a “Civil Rights” Issue 
Shock News: US Post Office Broke the Hatch Act to Help the Clinton Campaign 
The Man We Need to Fix Healthcare 
Will Special Counsel Bob Mueller Pass the Real Test? 
News You Can Use for July 21, 2017 
Leftists Blame Big Families for Global Warming 

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The Health Care Cost Crisis and its Solution 
Is the Russia Narrative Hurting the Left more than Trump? 
Taxpayer Funded “Anti-Poverty” Groups pay CEO’s Huge Salaries 
Trump tells the NY Times He Wouldn’t have Hired Jeff Sessions if He Knew He’d Recuse Himself 
Social Security: The Democrats Greatest Success our Nation’s Biggest Waste 
Nobody Misses Him 
New Data Shows Lower Crime Rate as Concealed Carry Increases 
Denver Goes Rogue: Officially Working to End Relationship With ICE 
Fake News Media Breaks White House Rules in Livestream of Press Briefing 
Transgender Breast Augmentation Denial Puts NHS in Liberal Hot Water 
Democrats Introduce Doomed Resolution Aimed At Embarrassing President 
Man Builds $500 Staircase in Park, Irks City Willing to Spend $65K Instead
Letting the Government Control our Healthcare is a Huge Mistake 
News You Can Use for July 20, 2017 
MI Health Services in Hot Water Over Gun Rights Denial in Custody Case 

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