Friday, July 14, 2017


Oregon Passes Bill that will Force Taxpayers to Fund EVERY Abortion in the State

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Trump’s Got Big Border Wall News!

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Muslim Rally in NYC: “US #1 Terrorist” & “Israel Go to Hell”

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New York City Police Commissioner Slams Liberal Activists for their Silence 
Ignorance is No Excuse when Breaking the Law… Unless You’re a Muslim Refugee? 
Leftist SPLC: Falsely Accusing Others of Hate 
Is the Mission Really “Accomplished” in Iraq? 
Bill Nye’s Buffoonery is Anti-Science
Surprise! Radical Leftist worked as Lobbyist for Russian Lawyer who met with Trump Jr. 
Media’s Latest Trump Attack just more of the Same 
South Boston Unwilling to Face Opioid Epidemic With Pot Legalization Looming 
Vulgar Anti-Cop Anthem Blasted at Officer’s Funeral By Teenage Twerp 
Boston Globe Pushes Theory That Pence is Preparing for Presidency 

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Don Jr.’s Russian Lawyer Admitted to U.S. Under Obama’s DOJ 
Confidence in Hillary Abysmal Among Dems in 2020 Hypotheticals 
Seattle Leftists are Undermining their State’s Constitution 
News You Can Use for July 13, 2017 
Democratic Lawmaker in Maine Issues Vulgar Physical Threat Against POTUS 
Hillary Email Info Dump Gets Buried By Media Obsession Over Don Jr. 
Dem Pushes Impeachment, Immediately Embarrassed by Lack of Support 
Big Brother Facial Recognition Heading to U.S. Airports Amid Privacy Concerns 
GOP Work Ethic on Display as August Recess Canceled for Congress 
Trump Gets Spiritual Help From Evangelical Pastor in Oval Office 
Russian Lawyer Denies Offer of Information on Clinton Campaign 
Liberal Constitutional Scholar Slams Media Freak Out over Donald Trump Jr. 
Trump Administration Signs Anti-Terrorism Deal with Qatar 
Breaking News: Scientists Discovered A New Paradigm for Climate Science 
Ask the Expert: Never Release Your Emails! 

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