Saturday, July 8, 2017


Trump Sets Aside $50 Million To Boost American Female Entrepreneurs

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North Korea’s Surprise ICBM Prompts Pentagon’s Newest Defense Test

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Black Lives Matter Faces Lawsuit Over Police Shooting in Louisiana

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Massive Heroin Bust in Deep South Raises Opioid Overdose Concerns 
Ivanka, Epitome of American Class, Sits In For Dad at G20 Head Table 
Trump-Putin Meeting Enacts Syrian Ceasefire, Mainstream Media Buries Story 
U.S. Pressures North Korea With Mock Bombing Run Over DMZ 
Pope Warns World About G20 Alliances Between Russia, U.S., and More 
Playing His Tune 
The New York Times Admits to Using Bogus Facts to Push Anti-Trump Narrative 
Anti-Semite United Nations Ignores Jewish and Christian History, says Holy Land is Palestinian 
Stop Whining, Work Hard, and Do Big Things 
News You Can Use for July 8, 2017 

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Germany Calls for Cavalry as Radical Leftist Riots Continue at G20 
U.S. Nuclear Facilities Targeted by Malicious Hackers, Says DHS and FBI 
Radical Left Sends America to Firearm Stores in Record Numbers 
FAKE NEWS NONSENSE: Media Minds Melted by Trump’s Putin Handshake 
CNN Death Spiral Has Doomed Network at 10th Place in Ratings 
Hollywood Liberal Returning to U.S. After “Safety Concerns” Force Move 
Media Shocked to Discover Trump’s Tough Talk on Trade is… Working! 
70,000 Take to the Streets and March for Life 
Fake News Foiled Again 
Former ESPN Reporter Blasts Colin Kaepernick’s Independence Day Slam 
Liberal Icon and Muslim Activist Linda Sarsour calls for “Jihad” Against Trump 
Could Trump Stop the Time Warner-AT&T Merger if CNN’s Jeff Zucker isn’t Fired? 
Can Atheists Account for Morality? 
News You Can Use for July 7, 2017 
The Grassroots Internet Response to CNN’s Trump Complaints 

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