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CHUCK KOLB 07/25/2017

Coup against Donald Exposed + Mike breaks Healthcare Tie !!! 

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Rumor has It - Rudy to replace Jeff !!! 

MAGA President Trump Rally at Covelli Center - Youngstown, Ohio 7/25/17 (1:01:03) -  FOX 10 Phoenix 

For seven years, Obamacare has wreaked havoc on the lives of innocent, hard-working Americans. The question for every Senator, Republican or Democrat, is whether they will side with Obamacare's architects or with its forgotten victims. The American people have waited long enough, and now is the time for action. We must repeal and replace Obamacare.

President Trump and Vice President Pence Meet with Obamacare Victims
Yesterday, President Trump and Vice President Pence welcomed American families who have been heavily burdened by Obamacare to the White House. At the event, President Trump made a statement urging the Senate to take action on healthcare reform.
Watch the President's Statement (12:52) - The White House 

President Trump speaks at Scout Jamboree in West Virginia

Yesterday evening, President Trump attended the 2017 Scout Jamboree in West Virginia and addressed the Boy Scouts of America. President Trump was joined by Secretaries Ryan Zinke, Rick Perry, and Tom Price.
Watch the Video (38:17) - The White House  

Salute to American Heroes

Tonight, President Trump will travel to Struthers, Ohio, to deliver remarks in honor of American Heroes week.
Watch the Video (13:55) - The White House  

Coming Up This Week
This week is American Heroes Week, dedicated to those who put their own lives on the line to protect American lives every day. Tomorrow, President Trump will participate in an American Legion event at the White House. On Thursday, President Trump will welcome the brave first responders from Alexandria, Virginia to the White House. The President will travel to New York on Friday to meet with NYPD members in Long Island. 
 "Time to discard the burdens and costs of Obamacare"
by Secretary Rick Perry, in the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry writes in the Cleveland Plain Dealer that since Obamacare’s passage, “America has been staggering under its burdens and failures.” He notes how insurance companies have abandoned its exchanges, premium costs have skyrocketed, and patients have lost both choices to doctors and insurance plans. Secretary Perry recounts his experience as governor of Texas, noting his home state “has done a number of innovative things to improve health care in ways we knew made sense for Texas,” innovations that “Washington would not have known.” He urges Congress to act, writing “there is an historic opportunity for Congress to finally empower people and states and move control out of Washington. There will not be another opportunity like this for a very long time.” [...]

The New York Post reports on President Trump’s statement Monday urging Senators “in no uncertain terms”
to fulfill their promises to pass an Obamacare repeal bill. [...]

While in The Hill, George Washington University economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth writes that the "CBO should recognize that its estimates of the costs of healthcare reform bills are simply wrong,” saying, “what ordinary Americans know, and what is clearly not reflected in the CBO scores, is that the ObamaCare exchanges are not working and the system is about to collapse.” [...]

On the immigration front, The Daily Caller reports that in light of the recent deaths of a number of illegal immigrants in San Antonio, some Texan officials have attacked sanctuary cities for enabling and encouraging human traffickers. [...]

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, the Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Thomas Homan said he believes that sanctuary cities have led to increased levels of crime, saying “these cities are choosing to shield people who violated the laws of this country.” [...] 

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Scaramucci Gets To Work, Axes First Leaker
Scaramucci Terminates Suspected Leaker Michael Short from White House
by Matthew Boyle 

Published on Jul 25, 2017 - TRUTHSERIES 
House Intel committee Chairman, Trey Gowdy reacts to Jared Kushner Senate hearing and previews House oversight hearing today. 

Comey & Lynch Just Got Devastating News
This could turn ugly for them ...
Conservatives Are On The Offensive, Plan To Investigate Comey, and Lynch 
by Matthew Boyle

Trump attacks Attorney General Jeff Sessions for failing to investigate Hillary Clinton
w vid/pix by David Jackson - USA TODAY

Trump accuses 'Washington Post' of 'fabricating' facts from its U.S.-Syria report
w vid/pix by Charles Ventura - USA TODAY 

Trump quips on Russia probe: ‘Next up, 11-year-old Barron Trump!’
by Gabby Kaufman 

US Navy ship fires warning shots at Iranian vessel
by AFP 

Fox Host Doused In Water By Leftist At Campaign Event
Katherine Timpf slams disgusting political climate after attack
by Biz Pac Review 
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Yavoh ~ He is coming ! 
Yahweh - Yeshua -  Ruach Ha-Kodesh 
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה   
Minute by minute updates here ... 
Watching for Yeshua Ha-Mashiach,7340,L-3089,00.html 
Pray at the Kotel - the Western Wailing Wall 
Entire Media News on this Planet 
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Israel removes metal detectors from contested Jerusalem shrine
w vid by Jane Onyanga-Omara - USA TODAY 
Israel has begun dismantling metal detectors from the gates of a contested Jerusalem shrine. The removal is meant to defuse escalating Israeli-Muslim tensions. Israel installed the detectors after an Arab attack killed two Israeli police guards. [...]

vid Israel removes metal detectors from major Jerusalem holy site 

Israel began removing metal detectors from entrances to a major Jerusalem shrine early Tuesday morning to defuse a crisis over the site that angered the Muslim world and triggered some of the worst Israeli-Palestinian clashes in years. - Time 

Baby Charlie sentenced by death panel ... 
Charlie Gard’s Mother: “We’re So Sorry We Couldn’t Save You Charlie”

Speaking out in court today for the first time since they released a statement saying they would no longer legally fight to save their son Charlie Gard, Charlie’s parents say it is unfortunately time to let him go to heaven. 

vid Raw: Tornado damage in eastern Maryland 
Residents and crews on the Maryland Eastern Shore are cleaning up from a tornado that hit early Monday. The National Weather Service says the tornado had wind speeds of 125 mph. It downed trees and collapsed buildings. Thousands lost power. (July 25) - AP

This could be the end for Microsoft Paint
w vid by Brett Molina - USA TODAY
Just How Dead Is Microsoft Paint? [Updated]
by Alex Cranz 

Ridiculous but true ... 
Petition calls for Confederate monument to be replaced by statue of Snooty the manatee
w vid by Matthew Diebel - USATODAY 

I made haste, and delayed not to keep thy commandments. 
Psalm 119:60 KJV 

Coup against Donald Exposed + Mike breaks Healthcare Tie !!! 

RED ALERT: Plan To Violently Overthrow Trump Leaked By Congressman
Jones explains why Trump is being attacked from all sides 
Breaking: COG Plan To Overthrow Trump Revealed (12:30) - The Alex Jones Channel 

BREAKING: Mr. President, Investigate this Immediately, It Blows Up the Entire Coup Against You!
We seldom interrupt our regular intelligence flow on this website. We are doing this now because the extraordinary memorandum produced by the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) yesterday conclusively demonstrates that the so-called Russian hacks of the Democratic National Committee were not hacks at all, but leaks by someone with physical access to DNC computers. The data was then doctored to incriminate Russia. You can read the entire explosive VIPS Memorandum... Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence

Thanks beloved Susan Duclos ... 
Warning Goes Out: 'It's Now Or Never' - 'Great Culling' Begins As 'Enemies Of America' Prepare To 'Overthrow' President Trump 

Fmr CIA Director John Brennan Calls For Coup If Trump Fires Robert Mueller
by Chris Menahan

WTH Is Going On Here? Now AP Admits To Fake News ! (14:01) - Susan Duclos 

Trump Literally Drives Media Insane (5:10) - Susan Duclos 

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Mike Pence breaks tie vote in Senate ...
Senate Republicans clear key hurdle on Obamacare repeal, but the hard part is still ahead 
w vid by Eliza Collins and Erin Kelly - USA TODAY

Trump tacks a decade onto the 'havoc' of Obamacare
w vid/pix by William Cummings - USA TODAY

McCain, battling cancer, returns to Senate and casts critical health care vote
w vid by Nicole Gaudiano - USA TODAY
John McCain EPIC Senate Floor Speech After Health Care Vote 7/25/17 (13:17) - LIVE ON-AIR NEWS 
Full text of John McCain's Senate floor speech: 'Let’s return to regular order'

John McCain goes back to Washington, but to do what?
w vid/pix by Ronald J. Hansen - The Arizona Republic

With return of McCain, Senate Obamacare repeal efforts get a boost
w vid by Eliza Collins - USA TODAY

McCain's public focus is back on work, not cancer
w vid by Ronald J. Hansen - The Republic

John Boehner: Republicans are 'never' going to repeal Obamacare
w vid/pix by Deirdre Shesgreen - USA TODAY

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Thanks beloved Ben Davidson ... 

Saturn Mystery, Coronal Hole Turning In | S0 News July.25.2017 (4:57

Saturn Surprises As Cassini Continues its Grand Finale 

Scientists spy new evidence of water in the Moon’s interior

Observing the Frontier 2017 Conference playlist w updates 

Climate “Scientists” in Panic: Real Debate and Fact Checking Will Expose “Consensus” Fraud
by William F. Jasper 

The moon's insides may contain water — lots of it
w vid by Josh Hafner - USA TODAY

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MYSTERIOUS SPHERE Lights Up Sky Over Italy 7/25/17 (10:47
Published on Jul 25, 2017 -  secureteam10  

There Is NO Explanation For This, Unless... (Watch Till The End!) (6:48
Published on Jul 24, 2017 - THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE 
Are the sun and the moon local ? Flat Earthers believe yes. 
Links in vid description ... 

What Ancient Human Civilizations Said About The Moon - 2017 
The Moon is Not What You Think it is (11:46
Published on Jul 14, 2017 - Bright Insight 

Old Photo tells everything! Sphinx has "Attached Head", not 'Carved'? Secret 'Vaults'. (9:10
Published on Jul 22, 2017 - Charles Kos 

Secret Chambers beneath the Sphinx: Rare Images show how to access the Sphinx (9:54
Published on Mar 11, 2017 - Para-Perception TV 
In 1987 a Japanese team from Waseda University (Tokyo), under the direction of Sakuji Yoshimura carried out an electromagnetic sounding survey of the Khufu Pyramid and Sphinx and found SEVERAL cavities and tunnels. Rare images of the Great Sphinx suggests there are several intricate entrances. 

Putin Urges Trump to Warn The World Together About Nibiru Planet X (11:29
Published on Jul 23, 2017 - di EAGLE 

Governments are moving underground Something strange in Antarctica (29:42) 
Published on Jul 21, 2017 - di EAGLE 

NASA Confirm׃September 23th, 2017 is when NIBIRU PLANET X 
will convert Earth to an ICEBALL (36:04) 
Published on Jul 18, 2017 - Nibiru 2017 warning 

The Kolbrin Records of Planet X / Eerily Astounding (56:51) 
Published on Jul 22, 2017 - Podcast Affiliates Network 
Links in vid description ... 

Dr. John Brandenburg / Mars Civilization was Nuked in the Past / We Have the Proof ! (1:12:54
Published on Jul 24, 2017 - Podcast Affiliates Network 

Ancient Weapons of Mass Destruction & The Mahabharata 

SHOCK CLAIMS: Intelligent life on Mars was wiped out by nuclear war, says scientist

Painting from A Princess of Mars 
Fortunino Matania - Scrapbook 13: ART 
A Princess of Mars - 4 parts 
by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Planet X to Eclipse the Sun in 2017-Come into View When the Great Sign Appears (58:12) 
Published on Jul 20, 2017 - Skywatch Media News - 
Full interview with David Meade, author of Planet X-The 2017 Arrival. 
September 23, 2017, Revelation 12, US Solar Eclipse – Signs in the Heavens 

Astronauts Freak Out As UFOs Fly Past International Space Station (3:11
Published on Sep 6, 2016 - NowYouKnow
Scott C Waring, editor of, posted the footage on his website. 

Historical ... 
NASA's Alien Anomalies caught on film - A compilation 
of stunning UFO footage from NASA's archives (10:00
Published on Mar 24, 2009 - LunaCognita
Many amazing examples from different eras - Gemini, Apollo, Apollo/Soyuz Test Project, Skylab, STS, the ISS,
plus a couple Russian-source additions from their unmanned Zond and Mir Space Station programs. 

Huge Alien Ships Close To Earth ? USA,CHINA,RUSSIA 
Published on Nov 27, 2016 - THE OTHERS 
Commentary in vid description ...  

30,000-Year-Old Hidden Writing Found At Sacsayhuamán Temple Could Re-Write History 

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Proud to be a Jew and an Israeli 
I am Israeli - אני ישראלי (1:54) 

Birkat Kohanim (4:08

Washington A Man of Prayer 2015 - Jonathan Cahn's message (8:53
w transcript - Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Gives America a Final Warning  
Thanks - beloved Timothy A. Pope 

The King James Bible Documentary (59:06) 
Published on Jul 15, 2013 - Brian McClurg 

Guns, Islam and Orlando - Bill Whittle (4:19

Greatest vid on planetary truth ever made - Christine Hummingbird 
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MIDNIGHT RIDE - When Rogue Politicians Call For Martial Law (1:50:55

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WORLD WAR 3 – END OF DAYS – 2015 (3:28
Russia & China Vs USA WW3 (13:28

People all Over the World Join Hands Start a Trump Train (5:44
The Trump Family That I Know - Lynne Patton (5:15
Best campaign Ad ever made ... 
The greatest video of TRUMP you will ever see ... (8:27
Donald J. Trump - Once Upon a Time in America (2:17
This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected (27:50) 
Bob Hope best movie line ever (0:24

The #1 Risk To Earth - Killshot (20:59) - Ben Davidson 

Rise Up ! An Anthem For The Revolution - LogisticsMonster (5:18
For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield 1967 (2:37
A Few Good Man "You Can't Handle the Truth" (1:50

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