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VIDEO: Pamela Geller with Dr. Gina Loudon on Ramadan, The Holy Month of Jihad @realdrgina

During Ramadan, Muslims are exhorted to renew and deepen their devotion to Allah. Hence it is a time when they’re supposed to grow more generous and kind toward their fellow Muslims. However, the Qur’an says: “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him are severe against disbelievers, and merciful among themselves” (48:29). If the Ramadan imperative is to become more devout, the Muslim who applies himself diligently to the Ramadan observance will simultaneously become more both merciful to his fellow Muslims and more severe against the unbelievers.

Got a brand new bag on an open thread

Knowing me you are thinking, Chanel, right? Wrong.
It's a whole other thang.

Please Help the South Sudan Famine Relief Mission

This dying baby is the tragic face of South Sudan.The world's newest country is in a profound crisis. Hunger has become starvation. Civil war has become genocide.

Muslim who screamed “Allahu akbar” while brutally murdering French Jewish woman may not be tried, “not in his right mind”

A Muslim man suspected in the violent murder of an elderly French-Jewish woman in Paris in early April may not face murder charges, as claims that he was not in his right mind when he committed the act are being considered.

MULTIPLE NEWS STORIES: Murdered for not fasting during Ramadan

Co-exist! Tolerance! Outreach! These pious murders all took place in the West, not in the Middle East. The enemedia does not deign to cover these murders. Apparently they agree otherwise it would be news.

Trump asks Supreme Court to reinstate travel ban

Good news. Step one in overthrowing the over-throwers.

Jewish Leaders Sign Statement Defending Linda Sarsour

More than 100 Jewish leaders condemned attacks on Linda Sarsour, the Palestinian-American activist whose Thursday speech at a City University of New York graduation ceremony has become a flashpoint.

Brooklyn Tech won’t serve food at the prom until 9PM, after RAMADAN FAST ends for the day

In an effort to accommodate everyone, school officials said they won't serve food at the prom until 9 p.m., after fasting ends at sundown.
The principal also met with the Muslim Student Association Tuesday to make sure this never happens again.

Manchester jihad killer’s mosque did NOT report him to police

Despite wide reports that Abedi was reported by Didsbury Mosque, the mosque confirmed to Panorama that he was not.

Muslim Who Served in U.S. Air Force Gets 35 Years for Trying to Join ISIS

So President Donald Trump's crazy to want to close borders, is he? Well, note to left: Read this. A Muslim in America's air force just received 15 years for trying to join ISIS. Imagine that.

Sweden: 16 Sexually Assaulted Girls Called “Racists” “Islamophobes” for Complaining

Islam is not a race, but that is of no import. Of course, these girls, these victims, are "islamophobic" and "racist" because any criticism of Islam or Muslims is prohibited under Islamic law (sharia). You didn't think it would end with the Muhammad cartoons, did you? It began with the cartoons. Once the West submitted to that demand, it opened the floodgates to more demands, more sharia.

Muslim Migrant Kills Another Muslim Migrant for Crime of Smoking: Police

Police in Germany were called to investigate an alleged killing of one migrant Muslim of another -- for the crime of smoking during Ramadan.

Trump Administration Petitions Supreme Court to Let Travel Ban Take Effect

President Donald Trump's legal team has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to allow the temporary travel ban on six terror hot spot nations to take effect.

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