Friday, June 16, 2017


White House Aide Kellyanne Conway: "If I Were Shot and Killed" Twitter Would "Explode in Applause and Excitement"
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Today's Articles

Islamic State "Islamophobia" Expert Calls for Islamic Jihad Attacks in Sweden 
Border Patrol Raids AZ Camp Aiding Illegal Immigrants - 4 Arrested 
Paul Ryan Helped Open the Gates to the Wolves! 
House Hearing On Gun Regulations Delayed By Shooting 
First Openly Homosexual General Opines On How LGBT Diversity Is Necessary ‘To Be Ready To Fight Tonight’ 
US Senate Approves Sanctions Bill Against Russia For “Election Meddling” 
Egypt & the US: Different Revolutions, Similar Players 
Father of Man who was Falsely Imprisoned by North Korea Heaps Praise for Trump, Takes Shot at Obama 
In Socialist Venezuela, Oppressed People Set Fire To Supreme Court Building 
J’accuse the Left of Treason, Murder and Warmongering 
Russian President Putin Blames “Media Hysteria” For Turn On Russia 
Rush Limbaugh And Ann Coulter Are Right – America Is On The Verge Of Widespread Chaos And Civil Unrest 
Eminent Domain & Property Rights: What This Man Did to Protect His Property Has Liberals Beside Themselves 
Love Triangle Influences Employee to Kill Himself & Set off CS Canisters at Detention Center Holding Bundy Ranch Defendants 
What’s Triggering The Left Now? Soon You Won’t Be Allowed To Say “Patriot” 

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