Sunday, June 11, 2017


DICED is UN’s Environmental Constitution for the World and our own Constitution Will Be Diced
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Today's Articles

Pelosi Questions President Trump’s Fitness, then Lapses into Insanity 
Islamic State Burns 19 Yazidi Girls to Death in Iron Cages for Refusing Sex to Jihadis 
The Dangerous Woman or the Deadly Mohammedan - Which is Worse? 
US Special Forces Helping Philippines Military Pound ISIS 
Massive Anti-Government Protests in Venezuela Worsen, Patterns Emerge 
The Blind Are Leading the Blind 
White House Petition Seeking Investigation Into Murder of Alleged Wikileaks Email Leaker Seth Rich nears 60% 
Violation of Right to a Speedy Trial? Alabama Man Jailed for 10 Years without Trial! 
Trump: Comey Lied Under Oath - I'm 100 % Willing to Testify Under Oath 
Full Transcript of James Comey Testimony 
Turning the Tables: Planned Parenthood Undercover Videomaker Files Motion to Disqualify Judge Who Censored Videos 
Video: Violent Muslims With Bats And Weapons Attempt To Attack This French Guy… But He Has A Deadly Concealed Surprise Waiting 
What happened to Star Wars? And why does it matter? (VIDEO) 
There’s Something Off About The NYT Defense Of Its Report Comey Called False 
Putin Warns Of “Hot War” And Nuclear Holocaust: “I Don’t Think Anyone Would Survive” 

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