Friday, June 9, 2017


Marco Rubio Proves Every Trump Scandal Story Wrong during Comey Hearing

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Conservative Pundit Attacked, Fights Back and Chases off 3 Liberal Cowards

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Bernie Sanders thinks Christians shouldn’t be Allowed in Government Jobs

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FINALLY! Former FBI Director Comey calls New York Times Story on Trump Collusion “Nonsense” 
Political Correctness Handcuffs Us in the War Against Islamic Jihad 
Proof! Hillary Clinton’s Voters Not as Smart as they Thought 
Is President Trump’s Budget the Radical Change we Need? 
On His Birthday VP Pence Praises NASA Astronauts and says “You May Be The First To Travel To Mars” 
DNC Hands Out $1 Million in Bonuses then gets Smacked with Class Action Lawsuit 
Russia says the USA Created “De-confliction” Zone in Syria is “Illegitimate” 
Operation Opera: How Israel Destroyed Iraq’s Nuclear Program 
Iran Blames the US for Terrorism 
BIG BROTHER IN AMERICA: Police Drones Filling The Skies In Record Numbers 

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Comey Preemptively Believed Trump Was a Liar, Biased Attitude Led to Note Taking 
Concealed Carry Gets a Big Win in Michigan Today 
COMEY TESTIFIES: Trump NEVER Requested an End To Russia Probe 
CNBC Floats “President Pence” in New Article Timed For Comey Hearing 
Muslims Angry at Billboard, but Cannot Deny the Facts 
News You Can Use for June 8, 2017 
Heroic Soccer Fan Gives London Terrorists Lip, Fights Back While Being Stabbed 
North Korea Back At It With Missile Launches Says South Korea 
UC Berkeley Gets Slapped With Massive Lawsuit After Milo Cancelation 
Putin’s Misogyny On Full Display After Crude Period Quip to Oliver Stone 
Californians Can’t Continue Global Warming Hoax with 8 ft of Snow in June 
Former FBI Director Comey’s Statement Proves No Investigation of Trump and No Coercion 
Intelligence Leaders say Trump “NEVER” Pressured Them 
President Trump makes Surprise Announcement of New FBI Director Nomination 
Comey only Answering Questions He Likes? 

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