Thursday, June 8, 2017


Democrats Tucking Tail and Running from Impeachment Talks

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VIDEO: Actors Responsible for Yet Another Trump Death Reenactment

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VIDEO: Demented BLM Talking Head Throws Hissy Fit at Tucker Carlson

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Heroic Soccer Fan Gives London Terrorists Lip, Fights Back While Being Stabbed 
North Korea Back At It With Missile Launches Says South Korea 
UC Berkeley Gets Slapped With Massive Lawsuit After Milo Cancelation 
Putin’s Misogyny On Full Display After Crude Period Quip to Oliver Stone 
Californians Can’t Continue Global Warming Hoax with 8 ft of Snow in June 
Former FBI Director Comey’s Statement Proves No Investigation of Trump and No Coercion 
Intelligence Leaders say Trump “NEVER” Pressured Them 
President Trump makes Surprise Announcement of New FBI Director Nomination 
Comey only Answering Questions He Likes? 
Trump Advisor Goes on CNN and Calls the Network “Fake News” 

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Senator Rand Paul: Find and Prosecute ALL of the Leakers 
Free Speech Defender Jordan Peterson Explains why we Must Fight Against Postmodernism 
Leaked NSA Document Outlines Russia’s Extensive Effort to Meddle in 2016 Election 
Ramadan Marked by Islamic Terror Attacks Across the Globe 
Where’s the Beef? 
Backlash after Uber Charges more for Pickup in Terrorist Attack Zone 
The Invasion that Saved the World: D-Day June 6, 1944 
Oh No! Al Gore is Back! 
News You Can Use for June 7, 2017 
London, Melbourne, and Paris all Attacked by Muslims in the Last 3 Days 
Democrats: Still living in an alternate universe! 
Missile Defense to North Korean Missile Attack Successfully Tested This Week 
NATO’s Secretary General Voices Full Support for President Trump 
Senate Launched Major Investigation into Clinton Corruption Scandal 
The “Cult-Like” Atmosphere on Liberal College Campuses 

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