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Breitbart News: MILO and Pamela Geller Protest Sharia-Advocate Linda Sarsour in NYC

We all agree for instance that Linda Sarsour is a Sharia-loving, terrorist-embracing, Jew-hating, ticking time-bomb of progressive horror,

WND: CNN ambushes Pamela Geller in attempt to silence dissent

Wall Street Journal report on brands advertising against offensive videos on YouTube. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Amazon and Microsoft have pulled ads from YouTube in the wake of the story.
Following the WSJ's lead, leftists are targeting Hannity's advertisers and rumors abound about Hannity's future now that advertisers have pulled their ads from his show.
The left has latched on to this scheme to destroy anyone and everyone with whom they disagree.
CNN targeted my advertisers and me. Here's what happened.

Warning: Ramadan Starts Tomorrow

In light of the dramatic increase in jihad attacks in the West, readers should be aware that Ramadan starts tomorrow. Ramadan is the month of jihad.
Every year the month of Ramadan brings unimaginable terror and carnage. I expect this year will be far worse with the advent of the hijrah into the West. So dear readers, be aware and stay vigilant and be careful.

The Forward: Milo Yiannopoulos And Pamela Geller Headline Anti-Sarsour Protest

“Linda Sarsour supports this ideology that oppresses women, subjugates women, gender apartheid, honor killings,” said Geller, as she stood on a platform near Times Square. “Islamophobia is a word created by fascists, used by cowards, to manipulate morons.

NY Daily News Fake News, “WILD BRAWL” at AFDI #CancelSarsour at CUNY Protest

Leave it to the deranged left-wing NY Daily News to drum up a false story about our demo against CUNY's invite to pro-terror, Jew-hater Linda Sarsour to keynote their commencement ceremonies.
The demo was a huge success, a triumph with hundreds turning out to protest the monstrous invite to a monster.

Minneapolis: Single felony weapons charge for Muslims discovered with ARSENAL and BOMB-MAKING MATERIAL

The good Samaritan is outraged the charges aren’t more serious.
“For what they found in their car, that is way too light,” he said.

WATCH VIDEO: Today’s AFDI Pro-Freedom Anti-Terror Protest at CUNY #CancelSarsour

Our pro-freedom event protesting CUNY's choice of the pro-sharia Jew-hater Linda Sarsour as commencement speaker was an amazing success.

Federal appeals court upholds block on Trump’s travel ban

A federal appeals court has upheld the nationwide block of President Donald Trump's executive order restricting travel from several predominantly Muslim countries.

TODAY! AFDI Anti-Terror Protest at CUNY, 12 pm, 205 E 42nd St, NYC, RAIN OR SHINE #CancelSarsour

Silence is sanction. Take a stand against jihad, sharia and Jew-hatred at CUNY. Do it. Today at noon.

Dov Hikind: Linda Sarsour and the deafening silence

Organized by activist Pamela Geller, this protest is the only one addressing the travesty of CUNY pretending that Sarsour’s scheduled commencement speech at their Graduate School of Public Health on June 1 has anything to do with free speech.

Students at Manchester jihad bomber’s university “tried to BLOCK Government anti-terror scheme” because it “DEMONIZES MUSLIMS”

STUDENTS at the British university that the Manchester bomber briefly attended have tried to sabotage the Government’s anti-terror scheme over concerns it “demonises Muslims”.

UK: Muslim found guilty of jihad plot to target railway with homemade bomb of Christmas lights and pressure cooker

A Muslim who planned to target a railway line with a homemade bomb of fairy lights and a pressure cooker has been found guilty of preparing for an act of terrorism.

MSNBC Joe Scarborough Faults Trump for Montana Candidate’s Fight

Once again, President Donald Trump is being unfairly painted in the press -- this time, blamed for an incident that happened hundreds of miles away from the White House, between a Republican congressional hopeful and a reporter.

UK: Muslim spokesman Mohammed Shafiq blames British government for Manchester jihad massacre

Mohammed Shafiq is the Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, which claims to be dedicated to combating "extremism." In this interview with Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan after the Manchester jihad massacre, he does his best to equate jihad terrorist killers with the forces who oppose them (which he smears as "far right"), dissembles about Islamic teaching, and blames the Manchester attack on the British government's foreign policy.

Devout Muslims Linked to ISIS Tie Up Christians and Shoot Them

Terrorists tied to ISIS reportedly tied together nine Christians and then shot them in a city in Philippines.

CNN Analyst Absurdly Suggests Manchester Terror Hit a Right-Wing False Flag

A CNN analyst actually suggested the terror attack on Ariana Grande's Manchester concert site -- an terror attack already claimed by ISIS -- was a false flag. A covert, government-driven operation.

Muslim migrant who admitted raping 10-year-old boy at Austrian swimming pool because of ‘sexual emergency’ has sentence CUT and will soon be FREE

The Senate of the Supreme Court of Austria has ruled that the sentence of 20-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker, known only as Amir A, will be reduced from seven to four years after he raped a ten-year-old boy who suffered horrific injuries as a result.

FEDERAL LAWSUIT Filed Against San Diego School District’s Pro-Islam, Pro-Sharia Law Policy

San Diego Unified is facing a backlash after some people have assumed an anti-bullying policy to protect Muslim students might mean all students will study the Koran and celebrate Muslim holidays.

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