Sunday, May 21, 2017


VIDEO: July 2nd Anti-Trump Riots Planned By New Fascists 

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Judge Moore Presses on In Alabama Senate Race, Fights Establishment 

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Newt Gingrich Pushes Seth Rich Assassination Reality on Fox News

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Google Bias On Full Display After Ailes’ Passing 
Corruption at The Pentagon: DOD Slush Fund Sniffed Out 
China Executed U.S. Spies Claims New Report 
Kim Jong Un Continues Provocative Missile Launches, Conflict Now Imminent 
Parental Drug Abuse Forced 85,000 Children into Foster Care in 2015 
Liberal Media Angry about Repeal of the Energy Star Program 
Millennials are Ignoring the Old Economic Advice 
News You Can Use for May 21, 2017 
North Korea Shirks International Pressure to Vow Nuclear Enhancements…AGAIN 
Trump Effect: POTUS and The Saudis Agree to $110 Billion Arms Deal 

“Sky Is Falling” Impeachment Talk Nothing New For Impulsive Dems 
Primary Race “Also Ran” Continues to Run His Mouth About Trump 
Trump Gets Reception Fit For A King in Saudi Arabia 
Intelligence Agencies say Russia Meddling was about Hillary, not Trump 
Remember when the Media Ignored Hillary Clinton Sharing Military Tech with the Russians? 
Anti-Trump Democrats and Media Driving Stock Market Collapse 
The Truth about the Climate Change Fraud 
News You Can Use for May 20, 2017 
Respected Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Stands by His Advice to Fire James Comey ‘I wrote. I Believe it. I stand by it.’ 
Fox News Host Fired for making “Racist” Comments 
New Orleans Removes Famous Robert E. Lee Statue 
Impeach Maxine Waters Protesters Protest Outside her Home 
New York Fire Chief Fired after Applying for Ground Zero Benefits 
A Season of Treason 
Obama’s Shadow Government Continues to Fight 

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