Friday, May 19, 2017


Arizona’s Democrat Candidate for Governor Admits to Deviant Sexual Lifestyle

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George Soros is Stealing Your Elections and No One is Stopping Him 

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Famous Watergate Reporter Complains Media is ‘Binge Drinking the Anti-Trump Kool-Aid’ 

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Respected Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Stands by His Advice to Fire James Comey ‘I wrote. I Believe it. I stand by it.’ 
Fox News Host Fired for making “Racist” Comments 
New Orleans Removes Famous Robert E. Lee Statue 
Impeach Maxine Waters Protesters Protest Outside her Home 
New York Fire Chief Fired after Applying for Ground Zero Benefits 
A Season of Treason 
Obama’s Shadow Government Continues to Fight 
Laura Ingraham Points Out Media have been Talking Impeachment since November 
Bill O’Reilly Explains – The Media wants Trump Out of Office 
President Trump says “No Politician in History” has ever “Been Treated Worse or more Unfairly” 

President Trump says We have a Divided Country because of the Russia “Witch Hunt” 
Princeton Professor says Attack on Trump Unprecedented 
Former FBI Director Mueller Enjoys Broad Support in the FBI and DOJ 
When Obama Disclosed Israel’s Nukes, the Media Could Not have Cared Less 
Today’s Dangerous Judges 
News You Can Use for May 19, 2017 
Dianne Feinstein Admits STILL “No Evidence” of Trump Wrongdoing 
Conservative Leader Wonders ‘Where is the Crime?’ 
You’ll Never Guess Who Might be the Next FBI Director 
The Rumors were True – Rep. Jason Chaffetz Announces Retirement 
Liberal Democrat who has been Calling for Impeachment Admits “No Evidence” of Collusion 
Wherein I Agree with Oprah – Money will Never be Enough 
Memos of Revenge 
Breaking: Unnamed Sources say Liberal Media Elites are Terrible! 
Democrats say Ignore any Evidence Linking our Staff to WikiLeaks 

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