Friday, May 12, 2017


“Moderate” Muslim Leader Preaches for Followers to “Fight the Jews and Kill Them” because a “Caliphate” is Coming 

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Two Liberal Lawyers Explain that there is “No Evidence” of a Trump-Russia Connection 

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8 Lies the Media Told This Week about the Comey Story 

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No Room to Talk 
Acting FBI Director says Comey Firing Won’t Impact Any of their Investigations 
Even Tom Brokaw thinks Trump Firing Comey was No Big Deal 
The New Push to Raise Taxes on Small Business? 
True Health Care Reform Should Put the Patient First, Not the Bureaucrat 
America should Stop being the World’s Police and Start Focusing on America First 
Why Comey Did Do What He Did On July 5th? 
Prime Minister of Bangladesh says Hillary Clinton Pressured Her to Do Favors for a Clinton Donor 
Winning! German Prime Minster Promises to Do as Trump Says 
Racist Professor Calls for Mass Killing of White People 

Why Arming another Muslim Rebel Group in the Middle East is a Bad Idea 
The Liberal Bookstore 
News You Can Use for May 12, 2017 
Senators Grassley and Feinstein Agree – Trump is NOT Under FBI Investigation 
Hey Liberals – Facts Don’t Care about your Feelings 
President Trump Uses Democrats Own Words Against Them – and it’s Awesome 
Anti-Christian Bigotry Across America 
The Comey Theory 
Rush Limbaugh Warns Republicans – Don’t Fall for the Media’s Traps! 
Comey Exposes Democrat Hypocrisy 
Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters: Trump should Not have Fired Comey, but Hillary Clinton should have 
Liberals Forget that Bill Clinton Fired His FBI Director Too! 
Don’t Believe the Hype: Most Millennials DON’T Support Constitutional Rights 
Spicer Out? White House Sources Reveal Spokesman on The Chopping Block 
Kellyanne Conway Calls Out Blatant Sexism of Anderson Cooper’s Eye Roll 

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