Sunday, May 7, 2017


Maher Furthers Lib Celebs’ Descent into Filth With Ivanka Incest Joke 

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Macron Email Leaks Seemingly Show Candidate is Gay, Buys Hard Drugs Online 

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New Orleans Confederate Statue Not Going Down Without a Fight 

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France Braces For Disaster As Macron Elected President 
Trump Tower is About To House The Most Powerful Device on The Planet 
Accidental Streaming of U.S. Drone Footage Shows Recreational Boats in Crosshairs 
Russia Puts On Massive Military Show of Force for Annual Celebration 
Media Malpractice and Obama Coverups 
Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) Explains why He Couldn’t Vote for AHCA 
New Spy Bill to Force Internet Providers to Spy on Innocent Citizens 
Hypocritical Liberals Want Your Tax Dollars, but Fight to Keep Theirs 
The United Nations Pushes ANOTHER Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic Resolution 
News You Can Use for May 7, 2017 

Macron Email Leak CENSORED By French Government, Jail Time for Publishers 
Next Clinton in Line Gets Sobering News From Recent Poll 
Secession Becomes All The Rage in At Least A Half Dozen States 
Lawsuit Alleges George Soros Responsible for “Political Meddling” 
Actor Steven Seagal Banned From Entering Ukraine in Bizarre Ruling 
Late Night Trash TV 
North Korea Enraged after Senator Calls Kim Jong Un a “Whack Job” 
You Tell Us: Why Did Hillary Lose? 
Could Trump END the Unconstitutional Law that has Silenced Churches for more than 60 Years? 
To Save Repeal, GOP Uses Obamacare 
News You Can Use for May 6, 2017 
Colbert’s Profanity Landing Him in FCC’s Crosshairs 
Georgia Republican Exposing Faults in Medical Marijuana Prohibition 
Macron Gets Hillary-Style Hack Treatment Days From Election 
Yet Another Hoaxed Hate Crime Pinned to Trump Supporters 

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