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Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (May 17th, 2017)

Ed Note: The Dems are in absolute damage control over a private federal investigator's forensic investigation of Seth Rich's correspondence with Wikileaks, providing over 44,000 emails concerning massive criminal activity by the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Podesta et al. Seth Rich's family hired the well known investigator....but now the Dems have taken-over the family's media relations and (obviously) instructing the family on what to say or not say. The Dems have gone as far as to instruct SNOPES to debunk the story.

Immediately after his findings, the Dems via the Washington Post launched another so-called "bombshell" report that Trump leaked top secret intelligence concerning an ISIS attempt to build a security proof laptop bomb. This new diversion is baseless and as worthless as last week's news pounder that "Trump gets two scoops of ice cream while his guests only get one," a revelation that shows how idiotic and desperate the Dems are to impeach Donald Trump.

As of the last 24 hours, the CIA says that by Trump providing the Russians with intelligence concerning laptop bombs, has now (potentially) exposed an "ISIS spy" that is involved with gathering intel on the bomb maker(s). Give me a break !!

The FakeStream Media reported a possible bomb attack on an airliner weeks ago, therefore, there is a ban on all passengers carrying laptops into the cabin of airliners ! Here's a news flash CIA and Dems !! Those reports alone exposes any and all those ISIS characters involved with such an operation. You did it to yourselves.....including the CIA's statement that an ISIS spy has been exposed.

Let me remind the Communist Dems that are involved in an obvious coup to take-down this government with their Radical Left morons, inside the military, intelligence agencies, and Congress....there is a worldwide organization that all airline carriers, aircraft, and every single country must abide by...International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) under the United Nations.

"Aside from the AVSEC Panel, the International Explosives Technical Commission (IETC) focuses on keeping up to date the Technical Annex to the Convention on the Marking of Plastic Explosives for the Purpose of Detection, which entered into force in 1998. Each State party to the Convention is required to prohibit and prevent the manufacture in its territory of unmarked plastic explosives."

Aeroflot, the Russian airline, owns U.S. manufactured aircraft, flies into the United States, and Americans fly on Aeroflot all over the world.

Evidently...the Dems do not think that Aeroflot, or Russia in particular...should have any intelligence that may or may not involve the Russian airline, even after one of their own airliners was brought down by ISIS near Yemen. --Dave Bertrand  (Twitter) #Dave Bertrand (@bertranddave1)

Today's Featured Article / Report

Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks: Report

The Democratic National Committee staffer who was gunned down on July 10 on a Washington, D.C., street just steps from his home had leaked thousands of internal emails to WikiLeaks, law enforcement sources told Fox News.
federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of DNC staffer Seth Rich’s computer generated within 96 hours after his murder, said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time.
“I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks,” the federal investigator told Fox News, confirming the MacFadyen connection. He said the emails are in possession of the FBI, while the stalled case is in the hands of the Washington Police Department. (D.B.: SNOPES is compelled to suggest this report as "UNPROVEN."

READ MORE.......


Leaving Prison 28 Years Early...


Trumpquake - Gold Spikes On Heavy Volume On Trump

Human Rights Protesters Beat Down By Pro-Erdogan Goons Outside Embassy In D.C.

Professor Cohen Says Assault on Trump Presidency is Our Greatest National Security Threat: Is There A 4th Branch of Government?


Donald Trump, Seth Rich And The Gangster Culture That Permeates Washington (D.B.: DNC Staffer Seth Rich leaked 44,000 emails to Wikileaks...NOT Russia, therefore, Hillary and the DNC assassinated him)


Wikileaks: Seth Rich's new "family spokesman" is a professional Democrat crisis PR consultant with the Pastorum Group. (D.B.: Family spoke out about their son's release of emails to Wikileaks, now the DNC are hovering over the family ready to what?)


Russia Reacts To Trumpleaks: "We Want Nothing To Do With This Nonsense"Zero Hedge - With both the White House and Trump himself denying that they had done anything wrong in response to the WaPo story that Trump improperly shared confidential information with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador, next it was Russia's turn. And sure enough, on Tuesday morning, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that "we don’t want anything to do with this nonsense,” in response to reporter questions prompted by the WaPo articles. "It’s complete nonsense" He did however cryptically note that "Russia doesn’t forget about the principle of reciprocity in relation to sanctions against its companies by Ukraine and “unfriendly” actions that “violate rights of people in Ukraine." Separately, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova interjected her traditionally cynical retort on Tuesdaywhen she advised that people don't read American newspapers, in response to U.S. media reports that Trump had disclosed classified intel. Zakharova said she had received dozens of messages asking about the reports, which have been denied by the White House. "Are you guys American newspaper reading again? Don't need to read them. They can be used in different ways, but there is no need to read lately it is not only unhealthy, but dangerous." she said on Facebook.

Israel Minister: "The Time Has Come To Assassinate Bashar Assad"
Zero Hedge - Israel's Housing and Construction Minister Yoav Galant called for the assassination of Syrian President Bashar Assad following yesterday's US State Department report that the Syrian regime was using a prison crematorium to hide mass killings outside Damascus, the Jerusalem Post reported. Speaking at a conference outside Jerusalem, Galant, a retired Israeli Defence Forces general, said that in light of recent allegations that Assad’s regime carried out mass executions and burned the bodies of the victims, he had to be killed…. Galant also likened the assassination of Assad to cutting off the “tail of the snake.” After that, he said, “we can focus on the head, which is in Tehran.” In a conversation with The Times of Israel after his speech, Galant stood by his comments and acknowledged that targeted political assassinations are considered illegal under international law, but clarified that he “wasn’t speaking about practicalities.” However, he added, “Anyone who murders people and burns their corpses does not have a place in this world.” As reported on Monday, the United States State Department accused the Assad regime of carrying out mass killings of thousands of prisoners and burning the bodies in a large crematorium outside the capital.

US Nears Record $100 Billion Arms Deal For Saudi Arabia
Zero Hedge - Earlier this month, US officials said the US was seeking to reach “billions” of dollars in arms sales to Saudi Arabia as part of Trump’s visit to Riyadh. With a week left before the visit, officials now say the White House is very close to the deal, and that it will amount to over $100 billion in sales. Details are still emerging, but the plan is for this to set out a series of growing deals over the next decade that will involve more than $300 billion going to arms dealers, not just to arm the Saudis, but in extra aid to Israel to ensure their “qualitative military edge” over the Saudis. White House officials said the move would be good for the economy, and insisted that building Saudi Arabia’s already substantial military was “essential” because of regional problems. Saudi Arabia, of course, spends much of its military budget invading Yemen and trying to reinstall former President Hadi in power. Given Saudi Arabia’s Yemen-centric foreign policy, US sales are likely to be heavily on warplanes and bombs to drop on northern Yemen, as the conflict has lasted far longer than the Saudis anticipated, and there is little sign they are interested in extricating themselves from the conflict anytime soon.

Hackers Unleash Second NSA-Developed Cyber-Weapon On Dark Web
Zero Hedge - While a second variant of the WannaCry(pt) ransomware (based on NSA's EternalBlue exploit) was spreading across the globe yesterday, The FT reports criminal hacking groups have repurposed a second classified cyber weapon stolen from US spies and have made it available on the so-called dark web. On Monday, the WannaCry attack, which hit 370,000 computers across 150 countries, appeared to slow. Europol, the European police agency, said the spread of the virus had stalled in Europe. But while infection rates have slowed, a Europol spokeswoman warned, "we do not think this is the end of the crisis. The hackers have already evolved the malware, and will probably continue to do so." Notably as Europe woke up (and US opened), the infection rate started to rise once again... But as The FT reports, intelligence and law-enforcement officials said they fear WannaCry may foreshadow a wave of similarly damaging attacks, as criminals and others race to make use of digital weapons that for years were only available to the most technologically sophisticated nation states. At least a dozen other NSA tools are currently being discussed and worked on as the basis of potential new cyber weapons on hacking forums on the dark web, parts of the internet not accessible via normal search engines.



 Citizens Patrolling The Border

KYMA       Drug-carrying vehicle uses metal ramps to drive over barricades 
El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents, assigned to the west desert area, said they stopped a vehicle loaded with drugs after it entered the United States using metal ramps to drive over vehicle barricades on Sunday morning. -- The incident occurred at approximately 11 a.m., after agents assigned to the remote video surveillance system (RVSS) said they observed a White Chevy Tahoe drive into the United States about 400 yards north of the United States/Mexico International Border.......
Fox 29        Tunnel found near Reynosa jail within days of Mexican federal security meeting 
Reynosa, Tamps. -- On Monday, Mexican Secretary of the Interior Miguel Angel Osorio Chong led the Cabinet of Security of the Mexican federal government in a meeting to discuss the state of the country's security and further action needed to protect it's residents. -- He stressed the need for continued cooperation with the federal, state, and municipal governments to ensure safety for all residents, especially those in Tamaulipas where crime continues to skyrocket. The most recent incident happened over the weekend when Tamaulipas police found a nearly 45-foot long, unfinished tunnel leading from the grounds of a Reynosa jail to a house just down the street. Police determined that four inmates were responsible for the creation of the tunnel. ......
LA Weekly         Thousands of Illegal Alien Parents Detained in California, and That's Before Trump 
More than 10,000 parents of U.S. citizens are likely detained by federal authorities in California each year, according to a new report from nonprofit group Human Rights Watch. The finding stems from data collected between 2012 and 2016 and predates President Trump and his vow to deport millions of people in the United States illegally. -- Most of the detainees were suspected of being in the country illegally, according to the report. Others were "lawful residents" with low-level criminal histories. The report comes with a warning to California officials to shore up their so-called sanctuary policies in the wake of Trump's new deportation initiative.......
Breitbart          Miami Herald: Without Wall, Aliens Will 'Use Same Tactics to Enter US' 
Illegal immigrants will continue to move into the U.S. through the U.S.-Mexico Border unless President Donald Trump's border wall is built, according to the Miami Herald. -- In a new report, the Miami Herald admits that without Trump's proposal of border walls, illegal immigration will continue.... Two weeks ago, Congressional leaders agreed to fund the federal government through the end of the fiscal year in September, but did not include the money Trump needs to start building the wall he promised during the campaign.......
El Paso Times        ICE arrests 26 in El Paso gang crackdown 
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently arrested 26 people in El Paso during the agency's largest ever nationwide gang crackdown. -- Nationwide, the six-week operation led by ICE Homeland Security Investigations netted 1,378 arrests, including 1,095 gang members and associates, ICE officials reported. The operation ended May 6. -- In El Paso, federal agents arrested 17 men and nine women — 10 were identified gang members and 16 were considered gang associates, an ICE spokeswoman said Monday. The local arrests were on drug, immigrant smuggling and other charges.......
Tennessean          Illegal alien sentenced after molesting sleeping 6-year-old 
A man who resided in Lebanon as an undocumented immigrant is sentenced to 50 years in prison on charges that relate to him molesting a 6-year-old girl who was sleeping, according to prosecutors. -- Edwin Velasquez Curuchiche, 40, of Guatamala who formerly resided in Lebanon, pleaded guilty to two counts of production of child pornography, according to Jack Smith, acting United States attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee.......
ABC15        CBP: $6.8 million worth of marijuana seized in Nogales 
Authorities say nearly seven tons of marijuana was seized from a commercial tractor trailer during a stop on Saturday near the border. -- A release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection says officers at the Mariposa Commercial Facility referred a semi carrying bell peppers for further inspection. The produce was off-loaded from the truck, and a narcotics detection canine alerted law enforcement to the presence of drugs. -- During a search, CBP says 13,700 pounds of marijuana was found commingled with the peppers.......
My San Antonio        Mexico border journalist says violence is worse than ever seen before 
Reynosa, Tamps. -- In parts of his hometown, Francisco “Paco” Rojas makes certain his hands are in plain view. -- A hand slunk behind the back or below the steering wheel has a tendency to invite the attention of nervous drug gangs fighting for control of Reynosa's lucrative smuggling corridor. -- “If there is a row, keep down,” Rojas explained, “and do not run. They will shoot you, even if you're innocent.”......



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