Wednesday, April 26, 2017


"What we're doing is going to be very dramatic it's a very major reduction, it's a very major simplification."
– President Trump


For far too long Americans have been subjected to some of the highest tax rates in the world. 

Burdensome regulations and tax have plagued American workers and businesses, resulting in stagnant wages and limited opportunities. Today, President Trump is putting an end to the policies that have lined the government's pockets at the expense of our own by proposing historic tax cuts.

Patriots, you and I know that the Washington Establishment is fatally allergic to reform, and I have no doubt they will use every tool in their political arsenal to spin, delay, and obstruct the President's tax plan. 

That's why we must vocalize our support for the President's plan and demand tax reform now! 

Great America Alliance

Instead of encouraging protests, oppositional lawmakers need to contribute to the tax reform discussion that will benefit all Americans. 

If you agree, join the Alliance in calling on the opposition to prioritize policy reforms over protests. 

Regardless of political affiliation, one thing all Americans can agree on is the absolute necessity of reforming our broken tax system. 

Great America Alliance


Eric Beach 
Co-Chair, Great America Alliance

P.S. The Alliance is committed to making the President's America First agenda a reality. We are working tirelessly to combat the political gridlock and fake news that aims to disrupt the reform agenda Americans were promised. Stand with us today to fight back. 

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