Friday, April 21, 2017


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Islamic State claims responsibility for Paris jihad terror attack

Islamic attack. Shocka. Not.And please spare us the teddy bears, slogans and Paris Strong bracelets. There is nothing strong about the West's capitulation and appeasement of Islamic savages and their ideology.

More PARIS TERROR: Gunshots reported at Paris shopping centre after police officers shot dead

POLICE are hunting a second gunman following this evening's deadly shooting in Paris - with officers believing he arrived in the city from Belgium by train.

Muslims receiving cancer treatment in Israel arrested smuggling explosives from Gaza

Perfect and illustrative of the Muslim and the Jewish mind. Actually, it's a metaphor for the whole of the conflict.

State Department and USAID SUED for Funding Political Activities of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation

A lawsuit lawsuit was filed today against the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for records and communications relating to the funding and political activities of the Open Society Foundation

Australia: New “values test” for citizenship

It's a good idea, no doubt. And every freedom loving country ought to vet immigrants for shared values and a respect for Western law above all law (ie sharia) etc. The problem, of course, is taqiya or lying. In Islam, you are required to lie to advance in Islam and the hijrah (immigration) is an Islamic imperative. So if one must lie to get into a country, they will lie.

University of Alaska: We Won’t Take Down Painting of Beheaded Donald Trump

The poisonous fruit of the left's long march into academia. They have destroyed our universities and colleges with public school education not far behind. Inculcation, indoctrination and brainwashing.Why do our taxpayer dollars still go to these treasonous machines? WE are funding this public exhibit. We are funding the new Nazi-esque youth movement. We are funding the war on freedom, truth and individual rights.

Muslim Migrants Storm Town Hall to Protest France’s Immigration Laws, 14 people injured

The illegal migrants stormed the town hall terrorizing members of the public in the building as well as staff who had to retreat to their offices.

Chelsea Clinton Says Americans Were TOO SEXIST to Elect Her Mom

The former First Daughter says she was “not surprised” at the blatant sexism she encountered on the campaign trail with her mom, Hillary Clinton, and warned the magazine that the country is “going backwards” on civil liberties (though, it seems, Donald Trump has yet to provide Chelsea with any specific examples).

Arizona Dem Took Contributions From Owner of Site Linked to UNDERAGE PROSTITUTION

David Garcia, a Democratic candidate for governor in Arizona, accepted campaign contributions from the owner of a website that is tied to underage trafficking and prostitution.

FBI says top bureau official whose wife received donations from Clinton ally NEED NOT recuse himself from Trump-Russia investigation

A top FBI official whose wife received political donations from an ally of Hillary Clinton’s last year does not need to recuse himself from the ongoing Trump-Russia investigation, the bureau said Wednesday.

Michael Moore Jabs Donald Trump for ‘Using Very Desperate Working Class’

Michael Moore, Hollywood propaganda artist, has taken his deceptions to a new level and accused President Donald Trump of using the working class of America to further his own political visions.

Westminster jihad terrorist promised to see family ‘in paradise’ before attack

Khalid Masood reportedly said "You will soon hear of my death, but don't worry… I will be in paradise" during a phone call seven days before he committed the atrocities.

Boy, 6, Helps in ISIS Beheading of Captives for New Propaganda Video

A little 6-year-old boy was called upon to help ISIS in a beheading -- disgusting.

Australia: Islamic sheikh tells teenage girls they will go to hell for having non-Muslim friends and will be punished if they pluck their eyebrows

Sheikh Mohamad Doar told a room of teenage girls in Sydney's west they needed to stop being friends with non-believers in a lecture that also covered Islamic fashion and grooming.

Ohio Terror-Plotter Gets Court OK to Swear by God Who Fueled Crime — Allah

An Ohio man who pleaded guilty to terrorism charges was allowed to swear by Allah in court.

NYC AT RISK: De Blasio purged anti-terror handbook that accurately predicted which Muslims would go jihad

Last year, for instance, it censored an anti-terror handbook to appease offended Muslims, even though it has accurately predicted radicalization patterns in recent “homegrown” terror cases.

New sanctions looming against Hezbollah

People with ties to Hezbollah could be sanctioned in the near future.

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