Saturday, April 29, 2017


Could Trump Release Treasure Trove of JFK Assassination Docs? Only Months to Decide! 

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Elizabeth Warren Takes Her Deplorable Rhetoric To Disgusting New Low 

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Yale Twerps’ Anti-Trump Hunger Strike Gets New Neighbors: Barbecuing Campus Republicans

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More Democratic Meddling On The Way For Trump Pennsylvania Rally 
German Chancellor Threatens Britain Over Brexit, Pushes Globalism 
Coulter Defiantly Speaks in California, Blows GOP Crowd Away 
Michelle Obama’s Abysmal School Lunches Going The Way of The Dodo
Trump Delivers Powerful Address to the NRA 
President Trump to Overturn Obama’s so-called “Permanent” Arctic Drilling Ban 
Use this Fact to Make Liberal College Protesters Freak Out 
An Exclusive Look at the Democrats Strategy for Winning in 2020 
News You Can Use for April 29, 2017 
Is Fox News About To Be Challenged By A New Conservative Network? 

Hilton Hotel Chain Makes YUGE Move After Trump Effect Hits 
Deja Vu: Yet Another North Korean Missile Test Fails Miserably 
Trump Set To Expand Offshore Drilling, Lessen Dependence on Foreign Resources 
Trump’s Speech to NRA Makes No Mistake on The President’s 2nd Amendment Support 
Free Speech on Campus Gets Boost from Wisconsin Republicans 
College Students HATE Obama Policies, when told that they’re Trump Policies 
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was Disgusted by the Gorsuch Confirmation Process 
Planned Parenthood Killed His Sister, Now He’s Fighting for All Women 
White House Marks President Trump’s First 100 Days of Winning 
The Irony of “Ameriphobic” Liberals 
Liberal Legal Scholar says California Judge “Jumped the Gun” in Opposing Trump 
Surprise! Only 2 Democrats have Actually made Any Effort to Examine Evidence in Susan Rice “Unmasking” Scandal 
Both Sides Agree – “No Evidence” of Collusion, but Democrats say ‘there could be’ 
Heineken’s “Worlds Apart” Experiment is Worth Watching 
The Federal Reserve is a Political Monster 

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