Monday, April 17, 2017


Facebook Live Stream Killer’s Girlfriend Breaks Silence 

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NBC Baseball Writer calls the American Flag “Political” 

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Alarmist Global Warming Hoaxers Have INSANE New Timeline For Earth’s End 

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China and Russia Caught Tailing U.S. Navy Near North Korea as Tensions Mount 
Obama and The Cult of His Own Celebrity Go Yachting with Megastars 
The Mother of All Bombs, or Mother of All Fails? 
President Trump: An Interventionist or an America Firster? 
Now they Care about Spending? NBC Host Challenges DHS Secretary Kelly, are Deportations the “Best” Use of Our Money? 
Famed Watergate Icon Raves: Trump a “Pragmatist” Staff Built to Provide “Options” 
Trump Administration says No “Military Option” for Dealing with North Korea 
White House Advisor Sebastian Gorka on Trump as “Interventionist” 
French Election Too Close to Call with Less than a Week to Go 
Liberal Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren Whines because Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Like Her 

A 1943 Movie that’s as Modern as Today’s Political Debates 
News You Can Use for April 17, 2017 
Mexican Cartels Schock Resort Town with Unfathomable Violence 
War On Christianity Heats Up Around the Globe Due to Easter Celebrations 
Facebook Rolls Out New “False News” Reporting Option 
United States Accused by North Korea of Cyber-Thwarting Missile Test 
Liberal Comedienne Loses Her Mind Over Trump Taxes at Rally 
Trump Supporters Clash with Antifa in Berkeley, California 
Is Terrorism the Gravest Threat to our Religious Liberty? 
Life on Saturn’s Moons? 
Who Rolled Away that Stone? 
News You Can Use for April 16, 2017 
Donald Trump Slated To Be First Commander in Chief Since Reagan To… 
Iran Flexes Rhetoric, Defies The Notion That U.S. Could “Harm” Them 
America’s Newest Nuke Passes Latest Test 

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