Monday, April 10, 2017


BREAKING: Shooting at San Bernardino Elementary School

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VIDEO: Airline Passenger Bloodied After Being Removed From Flight After Airline’s Mistake!

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Gorsuch Takes Oath of Office, Officially On The Bench of Benches

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TRUMP EFFECT STRIKES AGAIN: Toyota Ready To Invest YUGE Money in American Workforce
China Making Massive Military Moves on North Korean Border, WWIII Imminent?
Chechnya Turns to Use of Concentration Camps, Ushers in Genocide of Homosexuals
Red Bull’s Founder says Political Correctness, Mass Migration, and Forced Diversity is Killing Europe
Trump Wins Again: Toyota Pours Billions into America, China makes Concessions on Trade
Shock News: Obama Admin KNEW that Syria still had Chemical Weapons but still LIED to America about It
Swedish Prime Minister says “We’ll Never Go Back” to Allowing Mass Immigration
John McCain Mocks Rand Paul, Paul says McCain’s “Stupidity” made this Mess
Trump Strike at Syria Reminds China who the “Big Dog” STILL Is
Despite Syria Attack – “No Change” in Trump Administration Posture towards Assad

Remembering Moses at the Passover through TV and Film
Secretary of State Tillerson is Right – They Syrian People should Decide their Future Themselves
The State of the Good “Ship” Presbyterian
Conservatives and Libertarians Wonder if the Attack on Syria is National Defense or Aggression?
News You Can Use for April 10, 2017
Obama Pizza Regulation Set to Take Effect, Will Adversely Affect Small Business Owners
Interior Secretary Grabs A Hose and Does The Unthinkable At Gathering of Motorcycle Veterans
Russia Teams Up with Iran to Make Military Threats Against United States
North Korea About to Get Rude Awakening From U.S. Navy Strike Group
Marking the 100 Year Anniversary of America’s Entrance into WWI
Democrats’ Chickens Coming Home to Roost
China tells Trump Strikes on Syria were “Necessary” because they were Killing Children
Was it Morally Wrong for a Man with an AR-15 to Kill 3 Intruders?
Media Malpractice
The Foolishness of Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theorists

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