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Islamic terrorist-cum-feminist leader Rasmieh Odeh PLEADS GUILTY

Palestinian terrorist Rasmieh Odeh, who faces a May 16 retrial for naturalization fraud, reportedly has agreed to plead guilty and leave the United States in exchange for avoiding any prison time.

London Attack: U.S. citizen Kurt Cochran was killed while celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary, wife hospitalized with broken bones

A Utah man celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary in London was among those killed in Wednesday's attack outside the U.K. Parliament. Kurt Cochran and his wife, Melissa, had stopped in London during a tour of Europe and were planning to return home today. An American was murdered in an Islamic terror attack and we hear nothing of this in the enemedia. Instead we are tortured with lectures about Islam, "one of the world's great religions." We are warned against identifying this Islamic attack as Islamic lest we be "racist" "bigots" "islamophobes." While the streets of London are still fresh with blood we are told that Muslims' feelings are paramount and that they don't feel safe. They don't feel safe.

Board of Deputies of British Jews reassures Muslims who are “feeling anxious” after the London jihad attack

“At this time, we know that many of our Muslim neighbours and friends who detest Islamist ideology will be feeling anxious."

US Holocaust Museum to award Angela Merkel with top honor named for Elie Wiesel

There is something irretrievably broken in the soul of the Jew. The worse you treat us, the more we defer and applaud. But for proud, fierce Jews who apologetically stand up for the Jewish people and Israel, Jewish leadership demeans, demoralizes and demonizes them. Kapos. Angela Merkel brought into Europe the next wave of vicious, virulent Jew haters. The continent is not safe for Jews and they are fleeing in numbers not seen since the holocaust because of Islamic antisemitism. It's a sickness of the soul.

London terrorist UK-born Muslim named Khalid Masood, 52

There needs to be a serious discussion of when religious freedom ends and sedition and subversion and treason begin. Religious freedom is not a license to kill or to exhort people to kill. The freedoms that people enjoy in Western societies were never envisioned as to be enjoyed even at the expense of the lives of other people or the health of those societies.

FLASHBACK London Mayor Echoes Obama, Says People Should Just Get Used To Terrorism

On Wednesday, March 22, immediately following an Islamic terrorist attack on the British Houses of Parliament, Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan told British citizens that Islamic terrorism was "part and parcel" of living in a big city.

Artificial Distinction: Theresa May says “Islamist” London attack “not Islamic,” “perversion of a great faith”

What does it mean to say that someone or something is "Islamist" as opposed to "Islamic"? Nothing, really, except that the person speaking doesn't want to offend Islam by speaking unwelcome truths about the political nature of the religion."It is Islamist terrorism," Theresa May said. "It is a perversion of a great faith." What is perverted? They quote Quran and Hadith, chapter and verse. When did May get her PhD in Islamic theology? What does she know of it? Is she more knowledgeable Abu Bakr al-Baghdad, the caliph of the Islamic State, a religious scholar all of his life who received his PhD in Islamic theology?

“They Put Landmines Everywhere”: Obama Admin Loyalists Working to Sabotage Trump White House

The Obama administration worked in its final weeks in office to undermine the incoming Trump White and continues to do so, according to multiple sources both in and out of the White House.

Muslim tries to ram crowd on street in Antwerp, Belgium UPDATE: Knives, a shotgun, explosives found

Yesterday's London terror attack was the one year anniversary of the Belgium terrorist attack. This is not coincidence.

Donald Trump: Nunes Proved Me Right

Donald Trump said he believes he was proven right when House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes said Wednesday that there may have been “incidental collection” of Trump transition team communications.

Fatah says US State Department lobbied Facebook to restore its account, State Department says it didn’t

The State Department is denying accusations by Palestinian officials that it directly intervened with Facebook to reinstate the Fatah political party's official account, which was shut down about a month ago promoting terrorism and disseminating anti-Israel materials.

Minnesota: Muslim Student Leader Who Tweeted ‘Jews Will Get What Coming to Them’ Rails Against Exposure as ‘Islamophobic Smear Campaign

A Minnesota university student leader who tweeted “yahood [Jews] will get what coming for them [sic]” railed on Facebook against exposure of his social media posts as an “Islamophobic smear campaign.”

Report: Brussels Muslim Neighborhood Is Home To 51 Jihad Terror-Linked Groups

Police in the Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek have uncovered 51 groups with alleged ties to terror organizations, according to a confidential report released Monday on anti-terror measures in the country.

ISIS: London Terrorist Was One of Ours

ISIS said in a statement on its propaganda site, Ameq, on Thursday that the terrorist who killed and injured several in London was a "soldier of the caliphate."

Mahmoud Abbas: “The reason for all of the disasters” in the world is the Israeli “occupation”

“The international community is becoming more and more convinced that the occupation of the Palestinian state by Israel is the reason for all the disasters that the region and the world are suffering from...”

Rep. Peter King, N.Y., to Fox: ’99-and-a-Half Percent Accurate’ Trump Surveilled

Rep. Steve King from New York said during a recent Fox News interview there was a 99.5 percent chance President Donald Trump was indeed placed under surveillance.

London attacker was UK-born Muslim who had been investigated for “violent extremism”

Lone wolf? Known wolf? None of the generic, deceptive labels invented by left-wing elites to whitewash Islamic terror will do here. There are now eight others arrested in London and Birmingham. So he was not "lone," an insulting euphemism. There are no lone wolves in the global jihad. According to PM May he was only a peripheral figure. Whatever that means. It sounds like saying someone is a 'little pregnant.' How much jihad puts one inside the periphery?

Theresa May Refuses to ID Terrorist, But Admits: He’s ‘Known to MI5’

Prime Minister Theresa May said police and MI5 know the identity of the London terrorist -- but they're not saying until "operational considerations" allow (whatever that means).

“Our shared values”

U.K. Home Secretary Amber Rudd, said the attacks that left several dead should not be seen as a means of compromising "our shared values," the Guardian reported. This photo reflects the shared values with the ummah (the worldwide Muslim community). A picture worth a thousand words. While complete strangers help the wounded in the London attack, a good citizen minds her own business.

Donald Trump Jr. on London Terror: ‘You Have to Be Kidding Me?!’

Donald Trump Jr., the oldest son of President Donald Trump, took to Twitter in the wake of London's terrorist attack that left several dead and injured and wrote a scathing response that went like this: "You have to be kidding me?!"

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