Sunday, March 19, 2017


Facebook Bias Against Conservatives Strikes Again

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Rex Tillerson Bans Press From Plane For Absolutely PERFECT Reason

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Clinton Slithers Out of Seclusion Sporting $1,200 Haircut and $2,500 Purse

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How a couple of Russian Cyber-Spies pulled off one of the Biggest Cyber Heists in History
Arizona’s Conservative Candidate for Senator Endorses Trump’s Budget
The Top 5 Reasons Men do NOT Vote for Women
Why would Anyone think the Government would Spy on Them?
News You Can Use for March 19, 2017
The trouble approaching New Jersey union members
Trump Gets To Work on Flint, Michigan Water Crisis
BREAKING NEWS: Late Night White House Bomb Threat at Checkpoint
Trump Victim of Despicable Billboard in Phoenix, Nazi Symbolism and All
Former Secret Service Agent: President Not Safe in White House

Paris Airport Attacker Motivated By Wishes to “Die For Allah”
You’ve Been Warned: Hillary Clinton Readying Herself To Abandon Seclusion
BREAKING: Second Fence Jumper at White House in LESS THAN A WEEK
TRUMP EFFECT: IBM Just Announced Massive Plans For New U.S. Workforce
VIDEO: Ann Coulter Gets Serious About Travel Ban-Blocking Judges
Terror in France! Devout Muslim Targets Police at Paris Airport
Capitalism Inspired Johnny Appleseed, Not The Environment
The Art of the Scheme: Why, as a Matter of Doctrine, Islamic Deal-Makers Must Violate Treaties with Non-Muslims
Meet the Conservatives Calling Trump’s Budget a Conservative Dream
When the Media Cries “Wolf!”
The Healthcare Fiasco
News You Can Use for March 18, 2017
Donald Trump Takes The Axe to Sanctuary Cities in New Budget Proposal
Fellow Gangster Rapper Comes to Snoop Dogg’s Side, Defends Mock Assassination of Trump
Secret Service Reveals Details of White House Fence Jumper

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