Sunday, March 12, 2017


Liberal Social Policy Has Always Been a Voting-Buying Scheme

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A Rock and a Hard Place: the GOP’s Conundrum with their New Healthcare Bill

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Former Congressman says Government Wiretapped Him, could have Wiretapped Trump Too

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The Shadow Knows…
Putin Spokesman says Russian Ambassador met with the Clinton Team during the Campaign Too
It’s Time for President Trump to FIRE Everyone from the Obama Era
College Students want Freedom of Choice for Liberals and Muslims but NOT Christians [Video]
Catholic Nuns Still Fighting Katy Perry should take her Money and Donate it to Pro-Life Causes
Repeal Obamacare and Democrats will be FORCED to Compromise on a Replacement
Liberals Whine that Trump White House Tweeted Job Numbers “Too Soon”
Liberals Believe I Only Bought A House Because I’m Racist and I Hate My Neighbors
Hypocrite Nancy Pelosi Complains about GOP Healthcare Bill being Rushed through Congress
2018 Senate Candidate says “Trump Travel Executive Order puts Rights of Citizens First”

President Trump: Americans Want Relief from Obamacare
President Trump, Congress Tune Out Opponents, Move To Repeal Obamacare
News You Can Use for March 12, 2017
Harvard Publishes Asinine List of “Fake News” to Smear Conservatives
Trump Resistance Continues, This Time With NY Attorney
CIA, Reeling From Leaks, Lashes Out At Breitbart As “Illegitimate”
Trump Travel Ban Jumps HUGE Federal Legal Hurdle
Good News! The GOP Congress is Shrinking Government
Trumps Exchanges The Carrot for The Stick in Healthcare Fight with Congress
Young Syrian Refugee Tortures Elderly Woman to DEATH in Germany
Liberals Pounce on Trump for Clover-Shamrock Mixup on MAGA Hats
The Donald Vs. The ‘Deep State’
French Stripper Running for President Arrested for Campaigning Topless. No, Seriously.
“The Shack” — Biblical or New Age?
News You Can Use for March 11, 2017

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