Saturday, March 11, 2017


Nancy Pelosi Claims That She’d Be Retired If Hillary Had Won

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Obama’s PATHETIC Response to Wiretap Accusations

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Public School Teacher Reprimanded and Shamed for Supporting President Trump

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CIA, Reeling From Leaks, Lashes Out At Breitbart As “Illegitimate”
Is West Virginia Going To Make Homeschooling Synonymous with “Abuse”?!
Trump Travel Ban Jumps HUGE Federal Legal Hurdle
Trumps Exchanges The Carrot for The Stick in Healthcare Fight with Congress
MAJOR Secret Service Security Failure Friday Night at White House
Young Syrian Refugee Torture Elderly Woman to DEATH in Germany
Liberals Pounce on Trump for Clover-Shamrock Mixup on MAGA Hats
The Donald Vs. The ‘Deep State’
French Stripper Running for President Arrested for Campaigning Topless. No, Seriously.
“The Shack” — Biblical or New Age?

News You Can Use for March 11, 2017
Trump’s Election To Get The HBO Miniseries Treatment
New Hampshire Takes Massive Step Toward Pot Legalization
President Facing Lawsuit From Wine Bar for Absurd Reason
High School Basketball Crowd Lambasted for Wearing Red, White, and Blue?!
Cartel Infiltrates Texas, $100 MILLION Foreign Grow Operation Sniffed Out
Obama Sets Up D.C. Team to Spy on President Trump
Germany Suffers Second Train Attack in Two Days
Jess Sessions Ready to Drain The Swamp, Firing DOZENS of Obama Appointees
Cancer Patient Mocked by Liberal TV Show Host Finally Gets an Apology… and More!
DNC Deputy Chairman says Trump Colluded with Russia, Immediately Retreats
Ex-Clinton Labor Secretary Pushes Liberals to Impeach President Trump
This Will NOT End Well
Expert Guest on News Show Interrupted by Hilarious (and Cute) Kids
2 Dead as Chaos Erupts in South Korea – President Forcibly Removed from Office!

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