Monday, March 6, 2017







Rush Makes Shock Wiretap Discovery, IMMEDIATELY Shares With Audience - 'I've Got A Copy...'
Posted by Jack Davis
Rush Limbaugh has just revealed something truly incredible about the wiretapping controversy. This bombshell could change everything... Read more…

JUST IN: Senate To Slam Obama With 'Final Blow.' Could Finally End This Once And For All
Posted by Jack Davis
The Senate is finally about to take serious action against Obama for this very controversial issue... Read more…
Trey Gowdy Just Revealed Wiretapping Game-Changer That'll STUN Both Sides - 'The FBI Is..'
Posted by Jack Davis
As soon as Trey 'Bulldog' Gowdy heard about Donald Trump's wiretapping claims, there was only 1 thing he could say... Read more…
President Bush's Former Attorney General Drops Obama Wiretapping Bombshell Nobody Saw Coming
Posted by Jack Davis
Things are really getting interesting now.. Read more…
Right After Wiretapping Claims Against Obama, Trump's White House Makes Unprecedented Move
Posted by Jeff Neukom
Right after President Trump's bombshell allegation, his administration took historic action that could change everything... Read more…
Right After Trump Accused Obama Of Wiretapping, FBI Makes Stunning Move - Shock Report
Posted by Jack Davis
James Comey just made a huge claim about Trump... Read more…
Nancy Pelosi Is Asked To Condemn Dem Congressman's Sexist Attack On Kellyanne - Her Answer Says It All
Posted by Andrew Kerr
Disgusting. Just when you thought Nancy Pelosi couldn't stoop any lower... Read more…
Dem Congressman Finally Speaks Out After His Sexist Attack On Kellyanne... Wow
Posted by Fred Maxwell
What do you think about what he said? Read more…
BREAKING: Trump Signs New Immigration Order, But 1 Huge Change Is Shaking Things Up
Posted by Andrew Kerr
President Trump just turned Washington, D.C. upside down with the stroke of a pen... Read more…

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