Saturday, February 4, 2017


Man Exposed California Corruption and Feared for His Life - His Death Ruled "Suicide" by Smoke Inhalation & Multiple Stab Wounds

Midnight Super Bowl Document Release: 178-Page FBI Hillary Clinton Emails - Wait till You See What's on Page 55!

Record Number of Muslim Refugees Admitted to US in 2016
The Secret Behind Obama's First Stop at a "Married" Sodomite Couples' House in California
Rep. Jason Chaffetz Chickens Out On Returning Public Land to the People: “Sends the Wrong Message”
Ahmed "Clock Boy" Mohamed Gets His Clock Cleaned - Forced to Pay Court Costs, Attorney Fees & Expenses Due to "Frivolous Use of Court System"

FBI Removed SPLC And ADL From Civil Rights Resources Pages Because Of A ‘Number Of Concerns’
“Is Trump About to Cause Another Crisis?”: 2008 Could Be Eclipsed As Bank Restrictions Eliminated
NYC: Muslims Pray in the Streets and Close Grocery Stores to Protest Trump’s Travel Ban
Papa John's Jon Schnatter: "You’ve Got to have Free Markets with Limited Government"
GMO Apples Hit American Stores This Month: How and Why to Avoid Them
Donald Trump, Black History Month, and Made Up Outrage
Leaked: Trump's Next Executive Order - "Eliminate the Welfare Magnet Driving Illegal Immigration”
FBI Hides Payments to Informants - Gives Them a Cut of Asset Forfeiture Proceeds
Police Claim Muslim Kidnapping, Drugging, Raping and Murder of 12-Year-Old Girl Is "Just A Suicide"
Trump's Wall & Deportations of Illegals - The Most Sensible Executive Action in Half a Century

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