Saturday, February 18, 2017


Horrifying Video of the Day: 80-Year Old Muslim Man Marries 12-Year Old Girl

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Seniors to be Hit with Age Tax on Healthcare

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Judge Blocks Prosecution of Cop Shooter

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Washington Times Lends Credibility to Claim of Voter Fraud
Changing Immigrant Job Opportunities Threaten America
Former House Minority Leader Bob Michel Passes Away at 93
Ashton Kutcher is a Thorn in the Side of Sex Traffickers
Is OPEC in a Death Spiral?
America is Under Attack from an Enemy Within
Trump is Winning; My Interview with Consultant Rick Shaftan
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Rocks the Career Bureaucrats at the State Department
Lance Armstrong Facing a New Cancer
The Political Class is Ignoring, and Insulting Voters… Again!

New IRS Rule could KILL Obamacare
Democrat Leaders Fall for Tweet from Fake Michael Flynn
Oregon Governor took Donation from Contractor with Government Contract at Stake
The US/Israel Relationship is on the Mend
“DREAMER” that Nancy Pelosi wants to Keep in the USA is a Criminal Gang Member
The Greatest Show on Earth
News You Can Use for February 18, 2017
What Is The Aim of Obama’s Shadow Government
Conservative Actor Wonders Why Liberal Hollywood Won’t Invite Illegals and Refugees into their Homes
What is Obama’s Shadow Government?
Reagan Credited This African-American Feminist Doctor For His Pro-Life Stance
Christian Persecution in America Possibly Costs Christian Her Home and Assets
Twitter CEO Says Trump Opposition Resembles the Arab Spring
Professor Calls Trump Election ‘Act of Terrorism’ & Student is Suspended for Videoing it
The NFL is Messing With Texas

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