Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Ted Cruz Wants to Revoke Citizenship of Americans Who Turn to Terrorism — Why Aren’t We Already Doing This?

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San Diego School Board Accepts Muslim Terrorists and Rejects Ed. Sec. DeVos

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The Deep State’s Target Is Not Michael Flynn; He Was Just the Beginning [VIDEO]

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MI Teachers NOT Fired Over Obscene Game About Students They Would “Marry, Fu**, or Kill”
Federal Courts Can Be Transformed by Donald Trump [VIDEO]
Trump’s Opportunity to Reshape America’s Legal System
Ruler Judges Wrecking America
Muslim Professor Shows the Difference Between Western Thought and Muslim Thought
Standing for Life and Against Infanticide
Interview with The Resurgent’s Steve Berman: Casinos coming to Georgia
White House Spokesman Rips Media; We have “Provided Enormous Evidence” of Voter Fraud
HIV Rapist Terrorizes Atlanta
BLM Leader: White People Sub-human

Paul Ryan Explains Why Obamacare Must be Repealed and Replaced
Russia Worried Trump may be “Ousted or Killed” by the D.C. Establishment
Has the Democrat Civil War Finally Arrived?
Liberal Journalist says Crime is Dropping because of Illegal Immigration
Another Insurance Company is Fleeing Obamacare
Flynn is Out – Now the Liberals Gloat
Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren Learns a New Lesson
News You Can Use for February 15, 2017
Mass Rape Epidemic Sweeping Europe’s Refugee Camps – America Next?
The True Story of St. Valentine and the Ultimate Expression of Love
Maxine Waters and the Left’s View of Justice
Oroville Dam Disaster Is Another Result of Government Incompetence and Corruption [VIDEO]
Singer Boosts Sales & Popularity After Wearing Pro-Trump Dress to Grammy Awards
Former Democrat Candidate for President says Liberals and the Media are out to “Personally Discredit” Trump
DOJ Drops Stay Appeal On Obama Bathroom Demands

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