Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Principal tells Parents that Trump Presidency is “More Troubling” than 9/11 and the MLK Assassination

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Muslim Professor at Georgetown University Defends Slavery and Rape when Done in Islam

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Trump Supporters Gets Liberal Crowd Cheering on Obamacare, then Drop Reality on their Heads

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Mass Rape Epidemic Sweeping Europe’s Refugee Camps – America Next?
The True Story of St. Valentine and the Ultimate Expression of Love
Maxine Waters and the Left’s View of Justice
Oroville Dam Disaster Is Another Result of Government Incompetence and Corruption [VIDEO]
Singer Boosts Sales & Popularity After Wearing Pro-Trump Dress to Grammy Awards
Former Democrat Candidate for President says Liberals and the Media are out to “Personally Discredit” Trump
DOJ Drops Stay Appeal On Obama Bathroom Demands
Shoe on Other Foot and Democrats Don’t Like It
Tax Revenue High but Tax Cuts Still Far Off [VIDEO]
Democrats Protest Loudly, but their War with Trump is Going Badly

Breaking: Security Advisor Michael Flynn Resigns Amid Russia Controversy
Thousands of People Show Up to Protest Against Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood
Bernie Sanders Calls President Donald Trump a “Pathological Liar”
California Governor Jerry Brown Begs President Trump for Money
Liberals Freak when Trump Does what Obama said He would Do
Liberals Argue that Trump’s Travel Ban will be a Terrorist Recruiting Tool, but They’re Wrong
The Violence of Liberals
President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Speak on “Shared Values” and “Working Together”
The Enemy Within
News You Can Use for February 14, 2017
A Shocking Twist in Bundy Ranch Case, New Video Proves BLM Aggression!
Disturbing Video: Watch as a Trump Supporter Gets Attacked, while Police stand by and Do NOTHING
Republican States May Outdo Congress to Make America Great Again [MUST WATCH!]
Is Federal Government an Expensive & Unnecessary Middle Man?
Coequal in Tyranny: The Ninth Circuit’s Rules for Radicals

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