Monday, February 6, 2017


15 Anti-Trump Fake News Stories: To Destroy Trump the Media Now Leads With Fake News Every Day

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Another Muslim Leader Speaks Out in Defense of Donald Trump

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Proof Pelosi Lied about Obamacare [VIDEO]

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Popular Liberal Author says “Trump Won,” it’s Time to Move On
Underground Conservatives: Democrats Encourage Violence Forcing Conservatives to Hide
Pelosi Tells Adopted Woman Her Mother Should Have Had Choice to Abort Her
What Does Judge Gorsuch’s Church believe about Climate Change, Abortion, and Homosexuality?
Why did Mitch McConnell Undermine Trump on the Clinton News Network? [VIDEO]
The Slavery Story the Left Doesn’t Want You To Know
How Can a Judge Raise Himself Above the President?
Was Trump’s Immigration Ban Unconstitutional?

Why Liberty Cannot take Political Sides
President Trump Versus The National Media
As the Bundy Ranch Trials Gets Set to Begin, Congress Moves to Shut Down Dissent
Liberal Pundit calls Trump Administration “First Toddler Presidency”
New “Drain the Swamp” Bill could Move the Government out of Washington, D.C.
Donald Trump Proves to be Most Pro-Israel President Ever?
Mainstream Media Spreads False Claims about Trump Supreme Court Pick
The Senate Chaplain’s National Prayer Breakfast was an Inspiring Message of Hope
We Can Still Dream
News You Can Use for February 6, 2017
The Women of the View Call for End to Free Speech and Defend Violence Against Conservatives
Can Trump Impose Christian “Sharia Law?”
Cries of Support for Trump Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch
Milo at Cal-Berkeley: the Left Fails Again
Donald Trump Jokingly Asks National Prayer Breakfast to Pray for this Celebrity
President Trump calls Freedom of Religion a “Sacred Right”
NYC Taxi Drivers are Uber Pissed

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