Sunday, January 29, 2017


Chuck Todd: Media “Underplayed” how “Hated” Hillary Clinton was in the Heartland

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President Trump says Persecuted Christians will Now Get “Priority” as Refugees

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Media Caught Pushing “Fake News” to Undermine Trump Treasury Pick

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New York Times “Journalist” Calls for Government Resistance to Donald Trump [VIDEO]
Ohio State To Teach Course on Social Justice
Is CalExit Gaining Steam
Hero Delivery Guy Saves American Flags from Protesters Fire
The Religion of Climate Change Takes Another Hit from Trump
Democrat Congresswoman Confirms Obama was Wrong, “No Moderates Rebels in Syria”
New Study PROVES at Least 800,000 Non-Citizens Voted in 2016
Government Officials “Scrubbed” References to Climate Change to Fool Trump

The BIG Difference Between WWII Refugees and Muslim Refugees
Democrats Propose Bill to Strip President of Nuclear Codes
I Hate Jihadists
The Media Continues to take its Shots at Trump
News You Can Use for January 29, 2016
Are Government Historians Rewriting Supreme Court History?
Will California Secede from United States?
Pennsylvania Sets Record for Firearm Background Checks
Miami Gives In To Trump
Gun Safes Are Not Safe
Reporter Stumped when Trump Points our Media Double-Standard
Obama Economy Declined in Fourth Quarter of 2016 [VIDEO]
Trump Stops $220 Million Payment to Palestinian Terrorists Ordered by Obama
Must See Video of the Day: A Bad Lip Reading of the Inauguration
Bundy Ranch Political Prisoner Calls out Government Misconduct in Bundy Case
Senator Rand Paul Explains Why He Opposed Trump’s CIA Pick
Liberals Wanting to Move to Canada are Frustrated by their Tough Immigration Policies

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