Tuesday, January 3, 2017

CONSTITUTION 01/03/2017 CLINTONS' DAY OVER? (I hope so- Except for the trial!)

Illegal Aliens Getting Preference over American Citizens
Former Congressman Explains why Obama Hates Israel… “He’s Muslim”
Julian Assange Denies Emails Came from Russia [VIDEO]
Anti-Gun Liberals Rejoice over Gun Accident
Gun-Controlled Chicago Sees Huge Increase in 2016 Homicides
90,000 Christians Murdered for their Faith in 2016
House Caucus Wants Trump to ‘Rethink’ Michelle O Lunch Mandate
Left-Wing Activists Upset That There Were Fewer Sexual Assaults In Germany This Year

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Liberal Pundit Says “The Clinton Days are Over,” the Socialists are Coming
Washington was Frozen Out of the Syrian Peace Plan
Obama Land Grab: President Illegally Seizes Bundy Ranch Land Area as National Monument
McCain and Graham Pushing for War with Russia?
The 5 Biggest Education Issues We’ll Face in 2017
Bombshell: Leaked Kerry Audio on the Rise of ISIS “We Watched it Happen, We Thought we could Manage”
The Lid Named as a “Fabulous 50” Blog for 2016!
Must See: The Truth about Israel, Palestine, and the West Bank
A Woman’s “Right” to Choose?
Obama Continues to Force His Will through Executive Orders
News You Can Use for January 3, 2016
‘To Russia, With Love,’ Starring Barack Obama and the Democrat Party
Mexican Illegal Accused of Raping Child had been Deported 19 Times
LGBT Activist Attacks Christians for Using Rainbow in Christmas Display
Obama’s Terrific Tantrum
Proof the Media Lacks Credibility: Optimism about 2017 [VIDEO!]
NC Democrats Don’t Want Equal Say, They Want All Say

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